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Straddling the Line Play by Play Series #8 - by Jaci Burton

Straddling the Line (Play by Play, #8)Straddling the Line by Jaci Burton

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Jaci Burton has done it again!!!

I absolutely love this series.

Jaci has made me a sports fan with every one of these installments.

I love how each couple has their own unique story of how they got to their HEA. The common thread being sports. It's so much fun when the characters from the other books pop in for cameos and we get to see what they are up to.

I was so excited for release day on this one I dropped everything to read it and I was not disappointed.

Trevor Shay is a football and baseball player and he does both well. He hasn't really thought about having a girlfriend or wife in the future. His career is his life, and he holds a secret that he is terrified will get out and ruin the life he has so carefully put together. He had me from the beginning with his charming and charismatic ways. Trevor charms everyone he meets. He is just an all-around good guy that warms my heart. He decides to help his mentor’s daughter who needs help getting through her grief since her dad passed away. He comes up with a plan to give her the sports interview a lifetime. Little does he know he is setting himself up to fall for a girl he thought he knew. He quickly realizes there is so much more to her then he thought.

Haven Briscoe, lost her dad who was her best friend. She is having a really hard time dealing with the loss. In walks Trevor Shay to turn her life upside down. He offers her the chance to interview him, the dual sports superstar for the major sports network she works for. Haven had a major crush on Trevor back in college when she tutored him and she thinks she can put that aside and be professional. But she finds out fast that the attraction is still there and apparently now it’s mutual.

Trevor and Haven had such great chemistry. I really enjoyed reading their journey together. I really felt the emotion of Haven's loss of her dad, and how she was torn between going on with her life and feeling like she was betraying her dad's memory by being happy without him. I know the grief of losing a parent and I felt that Jaci Burton really portrayed that very well in this installment.

The sex scenes were hot and well written as I would expect from this author. I loved the introduction of a new group of sports hotties the Cassidy brothers and I can't wait to delve into their story.

Great job!!!! - Keep 'em coming Ms. Burton we love 'em.

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