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Want It (Rule Breakers #3) by Jennifer Chance - ARC review

Want It (Rule Breakers, #3)Want It by Jennifer Chance

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Want It (Rule Breakers #3) by Jennifer Chance

Book three in the Rule Breaker’s series and can be read as standalone.

Erin is a young woman who grew up with a deadbeat mother. Zander a young man, constantly trying to live up to his military father’s expectations. For a while they had each other to lean on but a split second decision changed their lives forever. When Zander and Erin meet up again the sparks fly immediately. She needs his help, he needs to protect her. Can they keep their hands off each other long enough to save Erin’s mother from yet another mishap? Can a past mistake be forgiven? Can love survive four years apart?

Erin Connelly has always been a good girl. She keeps her head down and stays out of trouble. Too bad she can’t say the same for her mother. Her mother has yet again gotten herself into trouble and expects her daughter to get her out of it. Erin soon finds herself cleaning out her bank account and mortgaging her Grans brownstone to rescue her mother from the clutches of a Mexican drug lord. Desperation consumes her, having no idea how to handle this dangerous situation she makes a decision to ask her ex-boyfriend turned Army Ranger for information on how to save her mother. She has no right to ask since she ruined his life four years ago, but she has no choice. Will Zander help her or laugh in her face and turn away from her again like he did that horrible night she betrayed him and broke her heart?

Zander James was planning on following in his father’s and brothers’ footsteps, go to West Point become an officer make a career out of the military. All those plans were lost, one crazy night when the girl he thought he loved ripped it all out from under him with one phone call. He turned his back on her that night, hurt and confused at her actions. After seeing the disappointment in his father’s face, he immediately enlisted in the Army and has been gone for four years. Until he got the call his father passed away. Now he’s back home and the last thing he wants is to see Erin. When she approaches him at his father’s funeral with a crazy scheme to rescue her parents, he can’t let her go alone. He needs to help her and maybe in the process get her out of his system. Can he keep his emotions at bay and get through this op with his heart intact, or will he lose himself in the only girl he ever loved.

My Review:
I really liked Zander right from the first moment we met him. I was not so sure about Erin. She came off as kind of bland and whiny to me. Even though I was not feeling the chemistry between these two characters in the first few chapters I read on. I am so glad I did, this story truly surprised me. When Zander and Erin started off on their adventure into Mexico to rescue her mother it was all sexual tension and angst, I loved it. This is my first Jennifer Chance book and will not be my last. I plan on grabbing the other books in this series for sure. Zander was hot, alpha male protective military guy. Erin started off a bit wishy washy for me, but she pulled it together and I began to like her when she started to be honest with Zander. Through the book these two characters have explosive sexual chemistry and they fall into a bit of a two day affair as they face the dangers ahead. The whole time I held my breath, wondering as the characters did what the future would bring for them when the op was over. There is adventure in this book that will keep you on the edge of your seat. There are emotions that will have you crying for the loss of a parent and never having the chance to say the things you should have said. It’s a roller coaster ride of emotions for both Zander and Erin. This book is about losing love. It’s about the decisions we make in the heat of the moment and how they can affect our lives and the people we love around us. It also showcases the emotional pain of strained parent/child relationships. Emotional, sexy adventure sure to keep your attention. Great love story, highly recommend.

Received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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