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Trent and Trey (Inked Heat #2) by Harper Jewel

Trent and Trey (Inked Heat #2)Trent and Trey by Harper Jewel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

TRENT & TREY by Harper Jewel has heat, love and a little bit of mystery.

The second in the Inked Heat series, Trent and Trey follows the Buchannan brothers and fiery red head Cassie St. Cloud. The brothers are notorious players when it comes to women in the town of Tyler, Texas. When one of them meets Cassie and falls for her innocent charms, it's all over for both brothers. Realizing right away she is the girl they have been waiting for. When Cassie's life is in danger, the brothers will move heaven and earth to protect the woman they plan to make theirs at all costs.

Cassie St. Cloud is running from a violent past. Brought up in the world of organized crime, she is forced into the witness protection program. She tries hard to stay under the radar, but grows lonely and frustrated with her life in hiding. One day she decides to change her hair and get a tattoo, and this day proves to be the beginning of a roller coaster ride of a lifetime.

This is a really nice short story about Cassie, a sweet girl forced into hiding because of horrible events that happened in her past at the hands of her father's second-in-command. She lives in fear that one day, Vince will find her. When she decides she is done being a victim, the fun begins.

Cassie is all for being in a polyamorous relationship, has even dreamed about it numerous times, but she wonders if that's what Trent and Trey really want from her. She finds out quickly what their intentions are. The writing was good, the author kept me interested in the outcome of these three characters. The sex scenes were well written and definitely steamy. If you are in the mood for a little ménage quickie, this is a good one.

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