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Control (Shamed #1) by Laura Marie Altom - ARC review

Control (Shamed, #1)Control by Laura Marie Altom

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ella Patton is dead. At least that’s what she keeps telling herself. She’s on the run from her abusive monster of a husband and she refuses to allow anyone to control her that way again. The farther she gets away from her hometown the better. Suddenly an unexpected stranger comes into her life invading her every thought. One kiss changes everything for Ella opening up desires and feelings she never thought she could have. Then the handsome stranger with the majestic eyes makes a proposal that she should totally refuse, but instead she finds herself saying yes.
Liam Stone discovers himself stuck in a small remote Southern town. While there, he stumbles across a beautiful secretive woman he cannot get out of his head. He plans on just a casual fling that is all he ever wants. However, this girl seems different after one kiss he wants her for more than just a onetime thing. He is a dot-com billionaire used to getting what he wants. Liam decides he has to have her so he makes her an offer he is sure she will jump at. When she hesitates, he’s strangely crushed by her rejection. Suddenly the seduction he planned fails and now becomes a battle between two people who desperately want control. Can Liam learn that his money cannot always buy him happiness? Can Ella learn to trust again? Or will their insectaries and damaged pasts keep them from a love of a lifetime.
my review :
In the beginning, this was a cute little romance boy meets girl and they find an instant attraction. I was somewhat bored truthfully at about 15% in. Then the hero Liam makes this outrageous proposal to our heroine Ella/Julie and my mouth dropped. Ella flips through changing emotions of anger, disappointment and sadness. Which mirrored my own mixed emotions. At first, Liam seemed like your run of the mill hot guy looking for a little fun. Then we find out he’s a billionaire playboy with major commitment issues, so much so he uses a contract in all his relationships in an effort to keep control. This turn of events was surprising to say the least. However, the author kept us wondering how this would play out. Switching between Liam and Ella’s POV, the author was able to convey the deep emotions and damaged pasts of these two lost souls. They truly seem more invested in each other than they realize.
I am definitely happy I kept reading this captivating romance. Ella is broken Liam wants to fix her but in a twist I felt Ella was the one fixing Liam and he didn’t even know it. The two really fight each other for control of the other’s feelings throughout the book. We meet their friends all well written characters Ella’s friend Willow is a hot mess. Nathan wants to be more to Ella but she always considers him a friend. Garrett Liam’s friend and lawyer is an arrogant jerk that I am sure has his own story to tell. Owen Liam best friend since childhood was a delight to read; when Liam goes to him for relationship advice in the middle of the night it is easy to see the bond they share. Carol is Liam’s assistant and one of his ex-flings but the relationship between the two proved to be quite endearing considering their past. It all comes together nicely for Ella and Liam finally, in the last few chapters then we are thrown a cliffhanger that I was not expecting. This book is the first part of Ella and Liam’s journey. Part 2 is Possess of which I have anxiously begun reading. The third book I believe will be about Carol and Garrett; these two background characters really intrigued me. I found myself wondering what made both of these characters tick. Overall, I enjoyed the book and would definitely recommend it adding Laura Marie Altom to my list of authors to love.
Received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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