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Upon A Midnight Clear by M.J. Schiller

Upon a Midnight Clear (Real Romance Collection, #1)Upon a Midnight Clear by M.J. Schiller

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UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR is the third book I have read by M.J. Schiller and I have to say that with each book, I am a bigger fan. Each of her stories is unique and entertaining, bringing together lost souls and making them whole.

Dylan Fisher is an EMT and part-time Santa at the local mall. He has heard all kinds of requests from kids who sit on his lap with innocent eyes asking Santa to bring them the latest toy. He never expected what a bright-eyed beauty named Delaney would ask Santa for--a new dad. He is stunned and saddened by her request. Dylan observes Delaney's mom in the crowd, and he stopped in his tracks as he shamelessly admires her gorgeousness.

Keira lost her husband in a tragic car accident, leaving her alone to raise their young daughter. She is trying her best to make Delaney's life as normal and happy as possible, while she dies inside, missing her husband badly. Kevin was her high school sweetheart; she has never known or wanted another man.

A chance meeting puts Dylan and Keira in each other's sights. A reckless driver runs Keira and Delaney off the road one night. Dylan recognizes them from the mall and steps in as an EMT to help. Keira wonders if he is just doing his job or if his kindness is something more, something she never thought she would feel again. Dylan is tired of the dating games. He sees in Keira and Delaney a future he wants desperately, a family to come home to. Can he convince Keira that he is the one she can move on with and win over her heart? Can he protect her from a possible threat?

In this book from the Real Romance Collection, Dylan is a single guy looking for a love of a lifetime. Keira is a newly widowed mother wondering if she lost her only true love. An unexpected meeting puts these two lost souls together and the sparks fly. In the face of possible danger, Keira wonders if Dylan is safe being around her. Dylan does not care about himself; he only cares whether that he can convince Keira that he can make her and Delaney happy.

This is a short story so the events move pretty fast, everyone expressing their feelings right away. I thought that the relationship between mother and daughter was heartwarming. There is a scene when Dylan is playing dolls with Delaney that just had me smiling the whole time I read it.

MJ Schiller really knows how to write a sweet romance. The suspense element intrigued me as well. However, it is the love story that made me not want to put it down. In the market for a quick sweet romance book grab? UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR will not disappoint.

This is a collection and not a series so you do not need to read the other books. But trust me, you will want to read them as well.

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