Saturday, April 11, 2015

Still the One - Animal Magnetism series by Jill Shalvis - Netgalley ARC review

Jill Shalvis has an unbelievable talent of letting her readers escape their own reality. Still the One delivers the signature light-hearted classic romance that Jill writes so well. Her characters are good down to earth people. She makes you want to be their friend.

The Animal Magnetism series takes place in Sunshine, Idaho. A town where everyone knows one another is there for one another and well, everyone knows who is sleeping with who. Let’s not forget that all the residents seem to have a love for animals.

In Still the One, the heroine is Darcy Stone. She is a spitfire of a woman who has gone through a tragic accident that put her in pretty bad shape. Once, the woman who traveled the world, now found herself wheelchair ridden and at the mercy of her physical therapist, AJ.

AJ and Darcy have a love/hate relationship from the get go. They are like oil and vinegar, but both are extremely attracted to one another. We learn that after Darcy’s accident AJ was hard on her, pushing her limits, ultimately getting her to walk again. When her insurance refused to pay, AJ still worked with Darcy, unbeknownst to her, and proudly watched as she took her first steps. He didn’t want her to find out that he worked her case Pro Bono.

AJ winds up needing Darcy’s help when he is trying to recruit investors to help him work more cases like Darcy’s. A trip to Boise to schmooze with potential investors is in the works. The sexual tension between the two, along with the push and pull relationship they have, is a recipe for a whole lot of fireworks.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the escape it allowed me to take. I adored AJ, the patient and protective hero he was. Darcy had me from the first chapter as a kickass heroine that I would love to read more about. Together, their story was wonderful, one of my favorites by Jill Shalvis.

I’d also like to note that the other characters in the book were great too. Darcy’s siblings, AJ’s dad and Xander were all a great addition to the story, each holding a nice piece of the story.

Thanks for the laughter and the romance Jill, I can always count on you!


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