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Release Blitz: Delirious Series by Clarissa Wild

Title: Delirious Series Boxed Set
Series: Delirious
Author: Clarissa Wild
Genre: Dark Romance
 Release Date: August 10, 2015


From New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author Clarissa Wild comes the highly anticipated Dark Erotica series: Delirious.

For the first time ever, and for a very limited time, the complete Delirious Trilogy is available in one boxed set edition.

~ SEEK (prequel)

“All I remember is him: Sebastian Brand, my savior.”

Lillith’s world changed forever when she came home from vacation. Her life was ruined, her heart shattered. Putting her trust in Sebastian Brand has been the key to her survival but at what cost?

~ SNARE (Book 1)

“Claimed by a man with the exterior of an angel and the mind of a brute, I will do anything to unveil his secrets and face my own demons.”




A body in exchange for freedom. A heart in exchange for truth.

Life is never a given. Only a certain death.

~ SEIZE (Book 2)

“She thought she could run, but there´s nowhere to hide. You think I’m the monster? Think again.”

Sebastian wants only one thing; Power. Claiming Lillith is the key, but her horrible past and uncertain future are undeniably tied to him. When the choices you make decide your fate, the line between good and evil blurs. In order to play this game, sacrifices must be made.

~ SCORCH (Book 3)

“I am the forgotten one, the girl who was left for dead. I remember everything. Their faces. Their touch. Even their smell.… I will kill them all.”

Sweet revenge keeps her alive and drives her to kill. Finally, secrets and revelations come to light after a long and grueling journey. Every choice has led to this moment, but no one is prepared for the unfathomable consequences of life and death. Will love be enough to overcome the pain of the past?

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Excerpt from Snare (Book 1) 

When the life you know and love falls apart, you cling to the things that keep you safe—the people who bring you warmth and comfort, the ones who take you out of danger and into the light.

As the world came crashing down upon me, I chose to let everything go. My mind wandered into darkness, leaving behind every trace of anguish. It was my mind’s way of saving what was left of my soul.

Holding onto him was the only thing that kept me going. Kept me alive. He became my anchor. Sebastian Brand—the man who pulled me from the darkness and brought me into the light.

I want him. I crave him. I desire him and devour him when he is near me.

However, I never imagined I’d be forced to let him claim my body. That I’d be captured and taken against my will.

That I would come to need this man more than my sanity.

As I hang from the ceiling like a strung-up doll, I feel free. His finger slides down my chest, between my breasts, and moves achingly close to my nipples before returning to my sternum. He traces a line to my stomach, leaving a trail of fire. All my senses come to life as he strokes me delicately, carefully, as if his finger is the baton and I am the instrument he’s conducting. Whimpers that must sound like music to his ears slip from my mouth. I’m a slave to his touch. This controlling man has me under his power, and I’m loving every shameful, immoral moment that we share.

He bends between my legs and presses his lips down upon my skin. A need so vile and pure grows inside me, and I give in to delirious, detrimental pleasure as his tongue strokes my inner thighs.

I am a captive, and yet I don’t feel like one.

At the mercy of a captivating, passionate man, I come to life.

In the hands of a cruel, vicious monster, my breath is stolen.

Even in the most dire of situations, trusting the wrong person could get you killed.

Trusting Sebastian Brand was the biggest mistake I ever made.

Author Bio

Clarissa Wild is a New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author, best known for the dark Romance novel Mr. X. Her novels include the Fierce Series, the Delirious Series, and Stalker. She is also a writer of erotic romance such as the Blissful Series, The Billionaire's Bet series, and the Enflamed Series. She is an avid reader and writer of sexy stories about hot men and feisty women. Her other loves include her furry cat friend and learning about different cultures. In her free time she enjoys watching all sorts of movies, reading tons of books and cooking her favorite meals.

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Sale Blitz: Fragments - Running on Empty Series by M.R. Field

Title: Fragments
Series: Running on Empty #1
Author: M.R. Field
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: December 8, 2014



Under the lights, amongst the jazz shoes, blistered feet and caked faces of the dance troupe, you pretend you’re someone else. The melody begins and your body responds. You allow it to weave into your skin until it’s made itself home in your soul. It is that dance that drives you. It is that dance that will continue to save you. It is that dance that will release you.

Until him.

Until your heart can no longer shut him out, even after he’s pushed you away.

You can’t let him in again, can you? There’s only so much of your heart left to give.


She is the reason I can’t stay. The reason that the covered bruises, the lies and the hurt are too much. I am no good for her. But when I see her again, I can’t stay away. Like Dante said, “The path to paradise begins in hell.”

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I locked my door and turned on my stereo, I was in the mood for some loathing. Rotating the multidisc, I selected Rod Zombie’s Astro-Creep, and reached under my bed for the hidden bottle of my father’s Wild Turkey. It was my shitty attempt at keeping some alcohol out of his hands. I twisted the cap off and put the bottle to my lips, preparing myself for the path to self-destruction.

I picked up my foam football and began to toss it up and down in the air. I pressed the bottle to my lips and sucked back another gulp. The whiskey burned as it tore down my throat and wrestled with my insides.

Bye Alex,” my mother shouted through the door. “We’ll see you Thursday.”

“Yeah, see ya,” I shouted, giving the door the bird. I gargled another mouthful of bourbon. I really should have mixed this with Coke, but I couldn’t be bothered.

Rod Zombie’s voice filled the room and my head banged while I sung the lyrics. When my mum was this happy, it pissed me off. He’d bought her over, again. With that thought, I took another swig and felt the effects of the alcohol sending tingles across my skin. Another trip, another injury paid for. What did he do last time? I ground my teeth as I blocked that night out. I want to feel numb. The tingles continued to crawl up my skin. Mission accomplished.

That was it. I’d decided. Back to meaningless sex. Or sex without a girlfriend tag attached. I swung again, sending the amber liquid down. My mouth burned. I studied the label closely. How can people drink this shit?

Girlfriends were too much hard work, or better yet, conniving lying bitches. And friends who were girls? Girls you’d known forever? Well fuck—they were even worse. Gripping the football, I squeezed it until my hand whitened and let it go. I watched it fall to the floor. I smacked my lips together as they numbed. Girls. Friends. You trusted the ones you hung out with, and then they dropped you like a sack of shit. Giving you the freeze out. Bring back the easy lays.

My vision blurred as the posters on my wall went out of focus. I lifted the bottle and inspected it. Half empty. That was quick. Shrugging, I took another swig and tried to focus on my posters. Dad was gonna be pissed that I nicked his bottle. I nodded and chuckled. It would be great to piss him off. No, Alex, it would not. My fuckin’ conscience had decided to join in. Piss off, conscience.

I stared into space as images of Bea began flicking through my mind. Her tear-stained face, her angry eyes in her room, her being thrown into a locker, her long legs argh! I shook my head, but it did nothing to curb her face from haunting me. Now her bright blue eyes were dull and her smile—cracked. Her skin became pale as her hair hung limply to the side. She’d changed. She was broken. I wasn’t there. I wasn’t there. I couldn’t keep her safe.

The room spun and I struggled to focus. Where was I, again? I tipped my chin against my chest as I rocked back and forth. My mouth opened as the colours of my carpet combined in a putrid mess. My arms flailed out as my balance wobbled, my feet suddenly flicked out in front and I crashed face down on my bed. The bottle rolled just past me to the other side, leaving me exhausted, sick, and passed out with dreams of a sad blue-eyed girl whose trust I had destroyed.

Author Bio

M R Field is an author from Rural Victoria and has completed a Bachelor's degree with Honours from Latrobe University, Melbourne. After growing up with the river at her front door, she returned back to her hometown after many years of living in the city. She now lives a tranquil lifestyle with her husband and two young children.

M R Field has always held a love for writing, filling journals as a child which progressed to more eloquent pieces as an adult. After ten years of creative instruction, she decided to turn these ideas into manuscripts. She adores creating new story lines and is a big fan of a happily ever after, but believes strongly in making her characters work for it.

She has recently decided to join the independent publishing world with her debut novel, Fragments, due for release on December 8th, 2014.

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Release Blitz: Ready to Love by Franca Storm

Title: Ready To Love
Series: Damaged Hearts
Author: Franca Storm
Genre: New Adult/College Rocker Romance
 Release Date: August 10, 2015


She is the one woman who is always off limits…

College rocker and infamous playboy, John Kingston, has screwed his way through most of the women on campus. But there’s one woman he will never touch: his best friend and band mate, Nicki. For four years, he’s been her protector and her confidant.

When arrogant frat guy, Axel, attempts to make a claim on her, John suffers a painful wakeup call, quickly realizing that his feelings for Nicki are not purely platonic. Recognizing that Axel’s intentions are anything but innocent, John’s possessiveness spirals out of control, sparking a dangerous feud.

Nicola Lewis can’t bear to be touched. Haunted by an awful past that she has been unable to escape, she has kept her distance from the opposite sex. And she’s been just fine living her life that way: safe and uncomplicated with no chance of getting hurt again.

Until an unexpected kiss changes everything…

But John and Nicki must decide whether the burgeoning desire between them is worth the risk. Is this a case of love conquers all, or a huge mistake that could destroy everything?

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As I lay back on the bed, propping the pillows up behind me so that I’m half lying, half sitting, I suddenly feel insanely nervous. Shit. I cross my legs, feeling uncomfortable not wearing any underwear beneath the skimpy slip of a nightdress. I try to strike what I think is a sexy pose, but everything feels so awkward. I’ve seen women do it in the movies—how do they pull it off so easily?

I can’t do this.

I slide off the bed, intending to make my way into the bathroom to grab my bathrobe when the door opens. Oh no! Too late!

“Got your text. So, you’ve got me alone. So, what’s—oh shit!” John’s voice comes from the door.

I cringe. Shit. “Hi,” I squeak over my shoulder.

He shuts the door behind him and chuckles. “Are you gonna turn around or talk to me with your back to me all night?”

“I… uh… I need my robe.”

“No,” he says huskily.

I force myself to turn around. The moment I do, his eyes dart to mine suddenly. I grin inwardly, knowing that they were staring at my ass just a second earlier. I can see the coiled tension in his body, the stiff set of his jaw and I know he’s struggling to keep his gaze on my eyes and not elsewhere. If I was any other girl, he wouldn’t bother. It makes me feel bad, like I’m teasing him or something.

“You can look,” I tell him.

But he still doesn’t. In fact, he slaps his hand over his eyes. “Shit, Nicki. Iuhwhy are you wearingthat?”

“Can you remove your hand and look at me?”

He shakes his head.

“Fine.” I take a deep breath and perch on the edge of the bed. “Nothing happened after our kiss the other day. No nightmares. Nothing.”

“Really?” he asks, intrigued.


“And?” he presses.

“I don’t know if it was a mistake to you, or what. If you’ve been avoiding me, or whether I’ve subconsciously been avoiding you or something. I wanted to clear it up tonight.”

“There’s something else,” he accuses.

Dammit, he knows me too well. “Iuhwill youtouch me?”

His hand falls away and his gaze snaps to mine. “What?”

I climb onto the bed and ease myself back against the pillows, hoping I don’t actually look as awkward as I feel.

He shakes his head. “Nicki…”

“It was a mistake, wasn’t it?” I ask, suddenly embarrassed as hell. I pull the covers up to shield myself. “Oh crap,” I mumble. “Can you leave and give me a second to get dressed and then we’ll talk this out?”

“No,” he says. Before I know it, he’s climbing onto the other side of the bed. “That’s not what I meant. I just wanted you to know that you don’t have to do this.”

“I want to,” I say, pushing the covers aside.

This time, his eyes are all over me. “Nicki, once you give me the green light, I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to stop.”

Oh my God. I swallow hard and tell him, “I want you to touch me.”

Author Bio

Franca was born in Surrey, England and currently lives in Niagara Falls, Canada with her husband and their Labrador, Rocky.

She is a long-time lover of erotica and romance novels, especially those with sexy-as-sin alpha males. She decided to try her hand at writing her own and writing romance is now her obsession and the perfect way to put her dirty mind to good use!

Her writing spans many different sub-genres of romance: contemporary, biker romance, paranormal romance, new adult, romantic erotica and romance suspense. She’s got a ton of stories to tell and many more works up her sleeve.

She loves hearing from her readers, so please feel free to stop by and visit her at the links below:

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Cover Reveal: Deep In The Hollow by Brandy Nacole


Let me share some wisdom with you. There is evil in this world we cannot see, not because it is hidden from us, but because our minds refuse to accept its existence. But once we are able to get past what everyone says should not be, it becomes our responsibility to stop the evil we now see.

This insight wasn’t given to me until a year after I lost the most important person in my life: Bryce Rowan. Now, after another death at the same spot where he died—the overlook, where the mysterious lights dance amongst the trees—I begin to wonder if they were accidents after all.

Lucky for me, I’m not the only curious one in town. Cooper, a ghost hunter (aka chaser), and his sister Jada have moved to town and are starting to ask questions.

But the more we find out about this town and the people who live here, people who I have known my whole life, the more I begin to think there are those who would rather keep the evil secret, even if it means we will never be safe, and that more will die.  

Author Bio

Gemini Brandy Nacole is a writer of urban fantasy books.  She is the author of the Shadow World series and the Spiritual Discord series published by Ponahakeola Press.  A reader from a young age, Brandy has always loved folklore and stories of beings that go bump in the night. 

Brandy lives in Arkansas with her husband, three never stopping kids, two snooty cats, two very lazy bearded dragons, and one mellow turtle.  She is a member of the Ozark Romance Authors in Springfield, Missouri.  Whenever she’s not reading or writing, Brandy is spending her time outdoors wheeling, hiking, playing amateur photographer, and enjoying a good laugh. 

You can find Brandy Nacole on:

Her website:

Book Blitz: Home to You by Taylor Sullivan


Home to You

Publication Date: August 10, 2015


Purchase from Amazon

At twenty-six, Katie McGregor has hit rock bottom. She's done reckless things a good girl like her never thought she'd do. Like hiring a private investigator to spy on her sleazy boyfriend, walking out on her job without notice, and driving all night back to the one man who'd never left her thoughts.

Jake Johnson. The boy next door. The one whose glance always made her pulse race, whose touch made her knees weak -- and whose words broke her heart.

Three years ago, both reeling from the death of her brother and Jake's best friend, they'd moved apart and retreated into their careers. Now, Jake has it all, and Katie has... nothing but memories.

Katie is thrilled when Jake welcomes her into his home with open arms and the same sexy smile. But is he the same jock who didn't do relationships and treated her like a little sister? And with so much between them, how can they overcome the hurts from the past to ignite a love that perhaps has smoldered all along?

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About Taylor Sullivan

Taylor Sullivan
Taylor is a contemporary romance author who specializes in stories about normal people. Ones with hopes, dreams, fears, insecurities, and flaws. She loves to read as much as she loves to write, and is thrilled to share her first novel with you.

When Taylor isn’t writing, she can often be found with her nose in a book, her face behind a camera, or spending time with her husband and three young children.

Blog Tour: Back To The Drawing Board by L.L. Collins

BTTDB Rel banner

Title: Back To The Drawing Board
Author: L.L. Collins
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 10, 2015



Lies. Betrayal. Deceit. Carter knows them all too well. His whole life was based on them. He decided long ago that his life would be on his own terms. No one would dictate his future, since he'd had no control over his past.

Desire. Lust. Love.

 Julia is the bosses' daughter. She's everything that Carter wants, and nothing that he thinks he needs. She's got plans of her own, and Carter is one of them.

 Both determined to control their own paths, can she show him what his future could be like if he just lets go, or will he send her BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD?

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BTTDB cover


“You seem happy,” she said. “I am,” I answered, running my fingers along the chains of the swings. “I can’t believe I get to be here and be part of this. Thank you.” She tilted her head. “Thank me? I didn’t do anything. You being here is all you.” Julia moved closer, and I stumbled when I tried to step back. “You’re so handsome, Carter.” God, she needed to stop. I was hanging on by a thread as it was. “Kiss me.” I blinked, trying to kick start my brain into formulating a response. What was with this woman? “Julia…” “I know you’re going to tell me all the reasons you shouldn’t. Or can’t. How about you tell me the one reason you should?” “And what’s that?” She stepped so close the scent of her perfume drifted up my nose and the heat of her body made my fingers itch to pull her the rest of the way to me. “That you want to.” She knew me. She read my mind. No matter what I told her, my body was screaming something else, and she knew it. “I’m going to do it unless you say no,” she said. She moved closer, the high heels she had on making her much closer to looking me in the eye. The conversation with Ethan flooded my mind, and I stepped back, forcing a smile on my face. “No, Julia. Come on, let’s go down and sit. I’m sure the dinner is about to start.” Julia stared into my eyes for so long, I wasn’t sure she heard me or even cared what I said. When she turned and walked away, leaving me to follow her, I knew two things: one, she heard me just fine and two, I was doing nothing but continuing to upset her. I had to find a way for us to move on from this attraction of ours once and for all.

About L.L. Collins

LL Collins is a teacher who loves spending her days in the Florida sun with her husband and boys, reading, and writing. Her love of writing has found a home in the self-publishing world. The Living Again series: Living Again, Reaching Rachel, Guarding Hearts, Finding Forever, and Breaking Free: A Living Again Novella are available now in both eBook and paperback. The Twisted Series, consisting of both Twisted Souls and Twisted Paths, is available now exclusively on Amazon. LL has been writing since she was old enough to write. Always a story in her head, she finally decided to let the characters out to try to make her lifelong dreams of becoming an author come true. She has been a teacher for over ten years, a wife for 15, and a mom to two boys, 13 and 11.


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Cover Reveal: Clutch - The Disciples' Daughter Series by Drew Elyse

Clutch Cover

Title: Clutch (Disciples' Daughters #1)
Author: Drew Elyse
Genre: Contemporary/MC Romance
Release Date: September 15, 2015
Cover Design: Hang Le



Once a Disciple, forever a Disciple.
Cami was born into the Savage Disciples MC, but she ventured out to build a life of her own away from the club. She’s engaged now, living a new life despite missing the bikers that raised her. Overall, she’s… fine.
Sure, fine. She’s fine with the fiancé who is more interested in position and image than the woman in his life. She’s fine with the fake people around and the suffocating passive aggression. She’s fine with the fact that she is turning to drugs to self-medicate.

A Disciple will fight like a savage for what he wants.

When Gauge tags along to visit his club brother’s daughter, he can’t believe the two women he meets: the fiery daughter of a biker and the puppet with the blank affect. And yet, they’re both Cami.
He sees the fire beneath surface, and he wants to watch it burn. He wants to rip away the man smothering her like a wet blanket. He wants to see the flames consume that cookie-cutter future-wife facade to the ground and dance with her in the flames.

When this biker clutches onto a Disciple’s daughter, there is no letting go.


I turned to head outside and nearly jumped out of my skin. Gauge was standing a few feet away, his gaze more intense than I had seen it all day.

“What are you doing?”

“Is that how you make yourself into the woman he wants you to be?” he asked, ignoring my question. He took a few steps closer to me, and I felt my pulse quicken.

“What are you talking about?” My voice sounded breathy even to my own ears.

He did not answer me right away. Instead, he continued to move towards me until he was right in front of me. He stepped in close, and I scrambled backward until I was against the wall. The moment I realized how I had trapped myself, I noticed the corner of Gauge’s lips rise. He took advantage of my mistake, coming so close that he was pressed against me. I had no where to go, no way to escape what he was doing to me.

One of his hands settled on my waist. The warmth of it seeped through top of my skirt and my satin top. The way his large hand engulfed me, made me feel more delicate than I could ever remember feeling before. The power he exuded, it was enough to consume us both until the entire clubhouse melted away. The heat that suffused my body felt dangerous, out of control. He had hardly touches me and yet he was redefining attraction.

“I’m talking about that shit you just got.” His words cleared just enough of the fog from my mind so that I could answer.

“I have no idea what ‘shit’ you are talking about.”

“Really, darlin’?” He smirked at me, but there was something derisive about it. Suddenly, his free hand was at my chest, reaching beneath my shirt and into my bra. I felt his work-roughened hands against the skin of my breasts. There was nothing sexual about his touch. It was quick and determined. Still, I was caught between fighting him and pleading for more.

Then, his hand was gone. He brought it up next to his face, the baggie of cocaine pinched between his index and middle fingers. “I know blow when I see it.”

“You would,” I accused, trying to reach up and snatch it back.

“You and I both know the club doesn’t deal in that shit anymore,” he growled. He was right, it was unfair to say that. The club had fought hard to get clean of that sort of work.

“I know. I’m sorry,” I muttered. My arms collapsed to my sides. There was no point in trying to fight Gauge. If he wanted to hold onto the baggie, he was going to. There was nothing I could do to stop him.

“I ask again: you use that to put up with all this stuck-up shit?”

I bristled at that. “It is none of your business.”

“That won’t give you what you need,” he said.

“And what is that you think I need?”

“Something big and powerful between those sweet thighs.”

Holy. Shit.

I didn’t know if he was talking about him or his bike.

I was ready to beg for either.

Or both.

At the same time.

I think my brain might have short-circuited because the next thing I knew, Gauge was nuzzling at my neck before moving up to my ear to whisper, “I’d gladly take care of you, darlin’.”

A part of me – a desperate, crazed part of me – wanted to say ‘yes’ to his indecent proposal. I had never known desire to be so all consuming. It took everything I had to keep myself from making a colossal mistake. “Gauge, I can’t.”

“Leave him. He’s no fucking good for you.”

Was he being serious? “Leave him? And then what? Ride off on the back of your bike? Be your piece for a while until you get tired of me? What do I do when you get your fill? I will not be one of the club whores!”

“Jesus, fuck!” Gauge snapped, pulling back so that his hot glare was on me. “You think I don’t know that? You think Tank would ever allow that shit to happen to you? You’re not fucking free pussy like that.”

“So, you want to give me your patch? That seems pretty extreme seeing as we just met. You don’t even know me, Gauge. I am not just going to uproot my life to be your fuck buddy and see if maybe we actually like each other.”

“What life do you even have to uproot here? The one where you walk around every day like that asshole’s puppet? A life where you keep using this shit,” he brandished the cocaine in front of me again, “until you end up so messed up on it that it kills you?”

I started pushing against him, trying to get away. I did not want to hear the things he was saying. “Let me go,” I snarled at him.

“You’re right, babe. I’m not ready to make you my old lady. I’m perfectly happy with club pussy giving me what I need when I need it, but at least I’m man enough to admit when there might be something better. I’m willing to fuckin’ try, you’re just too scared to take a chance.”

Something inside of me felt like it was crumbling apart at his words, but I would not let him see that. Instead, I lashed out again. “You know nothing about me.”

He shook his head in a resigned way that was so at odds with his domineering presence. “You might just be right there. I really didn’t think the woman I met earlier was a fucking coward.”

About The Author
Drew Elyse spends her days trying to convince the world that she is, in fact, a Disney Princess, and her nights writing tear-jerking and smutty romance novels.

When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found over-analyzing every line of a book, binge watching a series on Netflix, doing strange vocal warm ups before singing a variety of music styles, or screaming at the TV during a Chicago Blackhawks game.

A graduate of Loyola University Chicago with a BA in English, she still lives in Chicago, IL where she was born and raised with her boyfriend and her fur babies Lola and Duncan.


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