Thursday, March 5, 2015

Deeper (Bad Blooded Rebel #3) by Mellie George

Deeper: A Bad Blooded Rebel Novel (Bad Blooded Rebel Series Book 3)Deeper: A Bad Blooded Rebel Novel by Mellie George

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When you love someone so much, sometimes you need to set them free so they can live the life they were destined to live. Even if that means sacrificing your own happiness. But what if it turns out you were wrong? Can you make it right? Can you get back the once in a lifetime love you had or is it gone forever.

Kris and Jessie have been best friends since elementary school. He saved her from a bully in the schoolyard one day and her life has never been the same since. Jessie saved Kris that day without even realizing it. They both came from very abusive backgrounds. For Kris having Jessie to protect and care for made his sad life worth living. All at once Kris starts to see Jessie as a woman that he is attracted to and not just as his friend. They quickly become a couple and declare their undying love for each other. Jessie has loved Kris forever and is so elated that Kris has come to realize he loves her too. Their love for each other was sweet and tender at first as they start to get to know each other in a whole new way. Mellie George does a great job with sex scenes building up from Jessie's sweet and gentle first time when Kris takes her virginity to later in the book when their sex life becomes a bit more exciting.

I loved going back in time with Bad Blooded Rebel and finding out how they got their start going on the journey with them. Though it was sad when Jessie decided she needed to sacrifice her love for Kris in exchange for his dream of living the rock star life. Kris is devastated and certainly does not take this well who can blame him. Terrible tragedies befall this young couple before they finally get the HEA they deserve. This made for a very emotional read for me, I did a lot of crying with this one.

If you love the series like I do, you will enjoy this book which takes us back in time to find out how Kris loved Jessie and how their love was so strong nothing could break it. Highly recommend the series and I can't wait for Jude and Sadies book

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