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Blog Tour: Acting Happy Texas Desires #2 by Rylie Roberts

Title: Acting Happy
Series: Texas Desires #2
Author: Rylie Roberts
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 22, 2016
Cover Design: Reese Dante
Kenzie Stanton’s constantly matchmaking mother won’t take a hint. At twenty-eight years old, she’d learned rainbows and fairy-tales don’t exist. She swears if she ever gets back on her feet, and out of the hot water her ex landed her in, she’ll embrace a new life that’s relationship-free. When a tall, handsome man with sexy eyes and a smoking-hot body shows up in her family’s store, she has no trouble ignoring him. Until his kindness and genuine nature truly test her resolve. 

The tabloids describe Ty Bateman as a cynical, take-charge, run-over-them-before-they-run-over-you kind of guy. In truth, the life of extreme celebrity has turned him into a tainted, jaded man—being virtually imprisoned behind the windowless walls of his home to avoid the clicking cameras of invasive paparazzi and the overzealous media will tend to do that to a person. When the time comes for his yearly weekend with his childhood friends, he decides to buy a secluded mountain cabin and take an extended vacation from his overwhelming reality. Rejuvenating his soul and making decisions about his future are his top priorities until he spots a blonde beauty in short-shorts carrying groceries out of the only store in town. 

Kenzie and Ty are both hiding out in the mountains…but for very different reason. Reality can only wait so long before it comes knocking on their doors. Even if Ty can break through Kenzie’s barriers, he’s not entirely sure his hurt beauty can withstand the mental brutality of his world. For these two damaged souls, is the possibility of failure too much to try for a life of more than acting happy?

"Acting Happy (Texas Desires #2) by Rylie Roberts is a fun, sweet, heart catching read." ~Melissa (Goodreads Review)

"Do you love  heart happy read?  Something that is fun, flirty, and just makes you giggle like a schoolgirl with her first crush?  If you answered yes, then you absolutely must read Rylie Roberts' newest release..."  ~Emily (Goodreads Review)

"I finished in two days.  I can't wait for the third book!  This group of friends are amazing."  ~Sandra (Goodreads Review)

"I loved this whole story and enjoyed how there were funny scenes, some suspense, and most of all, lots and lots of super hotness!!!!! ~Geri (Goodreads Review)

“Holy hell! I’ve never seen that around here before.” The commotion caused Ty to press the brakes, looking back at Cole whose whole attention was focused on the grocery store that had just come into view on the left.
“Sit down, you fool,” Connor yelled. Ty was forced to pay attention to the unusually heavy traffic, coming to a stop in front of the only streetlight in town. He turned his head to finally see what Cole had let out one of those catcall-style whistles at. She turned their way, confusion clear on her face.
The world kind of stopped for Ty, and for the briefest of moments, their gazes connected. His heart seized for one, then two, beats before resuming with a violent thunderous thump. Ty could hear Connor slapping at Cole’s leg, but he became transfixed on the face of the angel in front of him. The earth settled back under his Jeep and he amended his thought. That was if angels actually frowned.
“Who the hell is that?” Ty asked as if the guys would even know. She was gorgeous in all her tall, tanned summer good looks. She turned away, that casual gait stiffening as she walked behind some older woman, carrying several bags. Ty just sat there staring. She wore cut off blue jean shorts that he suspected might show a little ass when she bent over, a form-fitted pink tank top, and her long blonde hair was piled in a high ponytail hanging down her back. Her legs looked to be a mile long and she was muscular and fit. He could see the definition in her arms and legs as she moved. For him, she was stunningly beautiful and so out of character from anything he’d seen in this little backwoods town before.
“Hey, gorgeous. Look this way!” Cole yelled and whistled again. That had everyone in the area looking at them. Well, everyone, but her. She kept her eyes straight, ushering the older woman to her car when she had stopped her progress to stare at the crazy man making all the ruckus in the back of the Jeep.
“Sit your ass down and act right,” Connor yelled from the front seat. Ty registered the honk from behind and reluctantly looked up to see the light had turned green. He was holding up traffic. He did a quick left turn into the small grocery store parking lot and watched as the beauty shut the trunk of the car and walked around the corner of the building, completely out of his view. At least she hadn’t gotten inside the car because his buddies would think he was nuts chasing down that car just to meet her.
“Damn,” Ty said, parking crooked in the first open space he found.
“I swear to God, man. This whole town’s looking at us,” Connor said, not using the door, instead jumping out of passenger seat. “Get your ass out of there.”
“Shit, man. I might be in love.” Cole did about the same thing, jumping free of the open Jeep, and slapped Connor on the back as he strolled past, heading for the front doors of the store. “You might’ve just seen the future Mrs. Cole Willis.”

Rylie Roberts is the Amazon #1 international best selling author and native Texan who loves to write and read romance. Please follow the newsletter by emailing or following me on social media. Stay tuned, there's more on the way.


Release Blitz: Sunstone's Fire by Lia Davis

A deadly family curse looms as Nate and Haylee fall in love. Can they find a way to break the curse and have a happily ever after or is Haylee’s fate to suffer the same curse as her ancestors?

SUNSTONE’S FIRE by Lia Davis kicks off a brand new, #gothicromance series, Cursed in Stone, which is co-authored by Lia and fan favorite, Kerry Adrienne! Learn more about the series at and check out their Facebook page to stay up-to-date on all the latest news in this spooky new world!

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Aspiring author, Nate Wilson wants some space from his overbearing family and a job he doesn’t like. A week on the Oregon coast sounds like paradise and just what he needs to get the creative juices flowing. Unfortunately, his plans are derailed when a storm moves in and a ghostly figure flashes in his headlights, sending him skidding off the road and into a tree. Lucky for him, he ends up in front of a Bed and Breakfast, and the beautiful owner may do more to spur his creativity than any beach could.

Hesitant witch and inn owner, Haylee Clark is cursed. Well, not her exactly—at least not yet—but all of the women in her family have suffered the same fate. They fell in love, only to have that passion turn sour and their husbands die tragically, leaving them brokenhearted. So far, Haylee has done well to avoid that destiny, but when the captivating Nate Wilson crashes into her life, he awakens something within her that she never thought to feel.

When the pair stumbles upon a hidden room where Haylee’s grandmother used to conduct her rituals, they unknowingly unleash a dark entity hell-bent on destruction, and discover that a family heirloom is the source of the Clark family curse. Despite the spell, they can’t deny their attraction, and give in to the magic between them. But the closer Haylee and Nate get, the more the curse tries to tear them apart. If they don’t find a way to defeat the evil, they may lose more than their hearts.

Available at:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo

Add SUNSTONE’S FIRE to your Goodreads TBR list!

About Lia Davis
In 2008, Lia Davis ventured into the world of writing and publishing and never looked back. She has published more than twenty books, including the bestselling A Tiger’s Claim, book one in her fan favorite Ashwood Falls series. Her novels feature compassionate yet strong alpha heroes who know how to please their women and her leading ladies are each strong in their own way. No matter what obstacle she throws at them, they come out better in the end.
While writing was initially a way escape from real world drama, Lia now makes her living creating worlds filled with magic, mystery, romance, and adventure so that others can leave real life behind for a few hours at a time.
Lia’s favorite things are spending time with family, traveling, reading, writing, chocolate, coffee, nature and hanging out with her kitties. She and her family live in Northeast Florida battling hurricanes and very humid summers, but it’s her home and she loves it! Sign up for her newsletter, become a member of her fan club, and follow her on Twitter  @NovelsByLia.

Release Blitz: A Normal Girl - by Angora Shade

A Normal Girl Banner v1
Title: A Normal Girl
Author: Angora Shade
Publisher: Torquere Press
Cover Artist: Kris Norris
Release Date: April 13th, 2016
Heat Level: 5
Pairing: Male/Female
Length: 26,000 words
Genre/Tags: BDSM, Contemporary, Erotica, Romance, Fetish

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Ryan, a geeky technology apprentice student, is determined to lose his virginity. Shy by nature, his lack of experience with women has left him unfamiliar with ideas other than vanilla sex. In his search for his ideal girl, he seeks out those he deems normal, only to be faced with their various sexual kinks. After failed love affairas with two classic beauties, Ryan takes a chance on the oddball, discovering that normal is relative, and that he and his ideal girl are anything but vanilla.


Ryan looks up, suddenly startled, to see one of the employees eyeing him over. She’s blonde, slender, and he finds her ridiculously pretty, even in her green, flour-powdered bakery smock, which she wears with a cheeky confidence. Grinning wickedly, she squirts a load of jelly into the center of a sugarcoated doughnut and hands it to him.

Ryan clears his throat. “Yeah, thanks,” he says, as he takes the proffered treat.

He can’t take his eyes off the way her smock draws tight around her delicate waist. He’s forced to as she boldly walks her fingers over his hand holding the doughnut and up his wrist, where she stops and grips him firmly like a mother grasping a small child. His eyes widen as she brings the tip of the jelly syringe to her mouth with her other hand and pulls the trigger, sucking and licking at the tip. Ryan’s stomach falls to the floor, mimicking his chin.

“I just love jelly,” she whispers. Bending over, she pulls his wrist upward toward her mouth, allowing her to take a bite out of his doughnut. She licks her lips as she pulls back and releases him, wiping all traces of loose sugar from her face. Turning and retreating toward the back, she winks and disappears behind a swinging door.

Ryan exhales loudly and adjusts his glasses with a shaky hand as he gazes at the huge bite missing from his doughnut. A glob of red goo, smelling unmistakably of strawberry, begins to ooze down the edge. It’s a slow movement that contrasts starkly with the rapid beating of his heart.

Women rarely speak to him, if at all. Shy by nature, he prefers to sit on the sidelines, observe, and be part of the background that hums and exists in the air of the busy world. Slim and lanky, he knows he fits the nerd stereotype, accentuated by his thick prescription glasses, short professional haircut, and the company lab coat with their well-known logo embroidered over the pocket. Even the pocket protector is his enemy. He knows it sends a lot of women running for the hills when they see it, but it’s part of his uniform. Heaven forbid he should suffer ink stains on the company attire. It would make him look sloppy.

He prefers to be the well-groomed nerd rather than a bad-boy grease monkey anyway, having come to terms with who and what he’d become in life after endless years of teasing through most of his adolescence. His timid personality has left him still a virgin at twenty-two. Average looking with above average intelligence, he’s always known success was in the works for him, if not a lot of hip action. He could deal with that.

But that girl.

Ryan taps his pen against the clipboard in front of him and takes a bite of his doughnut, wondering what possessed her to tease him. Maybe she gets off teasing men. Yeah. That’s it. Play a joke on the geeky guy applying at the bakery and see if you can make him squirt.

Ryan looks down and shakes his head. Too bad she took off so fast. Surely she’d have gotten her jollies seeing the big boner she’d made inside his tight, black, company dress pants.

“Tasting the goods?” the owner asks, pointing at Ryan as he approaches from across the room. He’s a large man. Round-faced and balding, his charming dimple indents deeply when he smiles, and his jolly, rotund belly shakes as he laughs.

Ryan feels his mouth tighten to a thin line, hoping the owner won’t study him too quickly and see the tent in his pants. He quickly adjusts his legs, and shuffles his backside a bit deeper into his chair, willing his hard-on to shrink. Mind over matter; that was his motto.

“I’m just teasing you, kid,” the owner guffaws. “Always good to know what your product is.” He takes a seat next to Ryan and looks over the application. Humming and nodding, he scratches at his five o'clock shadow with his old, wrinkled hands, and then looks Ryan square in the face. “Good. All in order. You’re hired.”


Torquere Press

A Normal Girl Square v2

Meet the Author

Author Image

Angora Shade is an American author living in what she lovingly refers to as "Sheep Shit Nowhere" Europe. In an attempt to add some spice to her small town life, Ms. Shade began writing explicit erotica and romance as a form of self-entertainment. Exploring the boundaries of acceptable sexual literature, she often seeks to create stories that not only entertain others, but also expose and push against the negative stigma surrounding sex in modern day society. She believes that sex in literature, art, personal thought, and physical nature, should be celebrated and expressed openly and as easily as any God-given freedom. Her favorite themes in writing include revenge, self-discovery, alternative materials for love play/bdsm, as well as anything that produces a good tingle, sizzle, or laugh. When not writing, Ms Shade enjoys red wine, travel, dancing, classic cartoons, baking, and creating fine art.

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