Friday, January 2, 2015

Love Notes : A Hard Rock Harlots B-Side (Hard Rock Harlots, #3.5) by Kendall Grey

Love Notes: A Hard Rock Harlots B-Side (Hard Rock Harlots, #3.5)Love Notes: A Hard Rock Harlots B-Side by Kendall Grey

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I decided to make this my first read of the New Year and I am so glad I did.
A short read from one of my favorite authors Kendall Grey.

This is a continuing story for the Hard Rock Harlots series featuring Jinx and Toombs.
I was so excited when I found out she was giving us a little bit more of our favorite rockers.
Letty and Shades make a quick appearance; Rax and Eve are in the background as well.

However, the story is really about Jinx, Toombs, and their love, told in alternating points of view by the main characters. I absolutely love that because we get to be in their heads and know what they are thinking.
It is almost a year into their relationship and they are totally in love and lust with each other but having a hard time navigating their sexual kink issues. A Christmas get-a-away giving them some much needed alone time allows them to express through letters to each other what they want out of the relationship and what each of them needs. They come to a decision on how they can fix their problems giving us an idea of what might be in store for this unconventional couple in 2015.

I expect nothing less than excellence from Kendall Grey in her writing and I was not disappointed. The story flowed beautifully and really stayed true to the characters we had grown to love.

I cannot wait to read more; hopefully we can get more of this electric couple as well as the rest of the rowdy group of rockers we have come to adore.

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