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Surrender (Devil's Den, #1) by Violetta Rand

Surrender (Devil's Den, #1)Surrender by Violetta Rand

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 to 4 stars (first half of the book, 3.5 by about 60% in I changed to 4 stars)

Robyn’s Gonzalez’s mother kicked her out of the house in a drunken rage when she was a teenager. Lost and heartbroken she struggled to keep from ending up a statistic. She lies about her age and gets a job as a stripper at Devil’s Den. She begins a life of her own and goes to college setting up goals for herself that she intends to achieve. One night she gets herself into a bit of trouble and is saved by a handsome sexy as sin man. Garrick is everything she could ever want in a man, but her past and her sense of abandonment stop her from trusting that he won’t push her away like her own family did.
Garrick Dempsey is about to begin a new chapter in his life. He’s decided to leave his job that takes him away from home for months on end and be the head of security of the Devil’s Den strip club. He never planned on meeting someone but when he meets Robyn her sexy sweetness sets off all his desires. He suddenly finds himself wanting to do anything for her, anything to make her happy and keep her safe. Their chemistry is scorching from the moment they set eyes on each other, but can he convince her it's more than that, that he wants her complete surrender. He wants her heart and soul.

My Review:
I really liked the overall storyline of this book. The stripper trying to put herself through school and meeting a handsome guy who wants to take her away from it all. Their relationship started off a little shaky for me. Not necessarily believable, but as I read and the characters became more developed I realized I wanted to know where this couple would go. Robyn was young, but had gone through a lot of heartbreak because of her parents in her young life. At times she was a bit stupid doing things to put her life in danger, when she had a strong man waiting to help her. But I could get the feeling that she was scared to trust him. She also had a really smart side to her when she was with Garrick that I really connected with making her a more likable character, especially seeing her through his eyes. Garrick comes off as your typical alpha male right off the bat. Though it did surprise me that he seemed okay that she was a stripper. However, once they started working together and he saw her strip he seemed to sing another tune. Which made sense at that point in the story. I thought the character of Macey as Robyn’s best friends was a really good balance to Robyn’s life. Before Macey and Garrick she had no one. Craig the bouncer playboy of the club who chases Robyn for most of the book was a bit irritating at first and a total jerk, but I am sure that’s how the author wanted us to feel about him. I see the next book is about Craig and Marisela Robyn’s sister, I am intrigued by how that story will play out. So, though this is not the best book I have recently read, it kept my interest, had me invested in wanting to know what happened to the characters and has me wanting to know the stories of the other characters. So good job. 


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Right kind of Wrong by Shelly Jones release day

The Right Kind of Wrong
Author: Shelly Jones
Cover Models: Lance Jones and Alexandra Hardesty
Photo Credit: Shauna Kruse of  Kruse Images and Photography: Models and Boudoir
Cover Design: Cover to Cover Designs
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Emily grew up in medium town in Wisconsin as the daughter of the local pastor. When her job was over as an teacher’s assistant she sets out to leave her town and her family. She wants to find herself and break away from the cookie cutter mold of the town. So she did what she thought was rightShe moves twenty-five hundred miles away to Arizona.

 Xander is the single father to a 5 year old little girl. After her mother left, Xander swears off any kind of a relationship. Xander only has four cares: his daughter, his family, his friends and his motorcycle. He refuses to let anyone get near him or his daughter ever again.

When Emily and Xander meet it's something that neither one were expecting. The attraction is undeniable, but with Xander refusing to let anyone close, Emily decides to offer him a deal he'd be crazy to refuse.

 Sometimes those that don't make sense, actually make perfect sense.

 Right Kind Of Wrong. Shelly Jones © copyright 2015

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We get to what I hope is the last bar of the night. This bar is mediumer, kind of like the ones back home. Out front there’s couple of guys on motorcycles talking and smoking. We get out of the truck, I look up to see where we’re going and I make eye contact with one of the guys for a couple of seconds. The grin he gives me is sexy, yet cocky. Of course my fucking face warms and turns red, he must have noticed because I heard a chuckle come from him.

“Come on, let’s get you something to drink!” Mel wraps her arm around me and leads me inside. There’s not very many people in this bar, which makes me happy. There’s music coming from the jukebox, it’s not country music, but I know this song, it’s “When I Come Around” By Green Day, this song was played a lot at parties back home. We find a table in the back and the guys go get us drinks. Mel grabs the darts, puts quarters in the dart board and we play darts.
A few songs have played, mostly rock, but when the jukebox starts to play “Porn Star Dancing” by My Darkest Days and Zakk Wylde, My skin starts to crawl, “Ugh, I hate this song!!” I say out loud.
“Let’s go put money in that bitch and pay back the bastard back!” Mel says and we start laughing. We walk over to the jukebox and put money in choose our song, “Kiss You” by One Direction. “That’ll teach the fucker!” Mel says.

Mel, Lucy and I start dancing by the table, singing along with the song. I start scanning the bar and notice it’s more of an older crowd in here, but I keep scanning when my eyes connect with the same eyes that met me when we got here. He gives me that same cocky ass smile. My stomach does flips and I’m ready to throw up. Him and his buddies start to walk towards us. His eyes never leave mine. When he walks past me, he winks at me and walks over by the pool table.
Fuck, this guy is hot, he’s tall, 6’0” at least, and he’s wearing a transparent t-shirt, baggy blue jeans and converse shoes. His t-shirt hugs his body showing off his muscular build. He has tattoos going up both arms.  He’s wearing a black baseball cap turned backwards, but I can tell his hair is dark brown, but fuck his eyes though, I could get lost in those dark brown eyes. There’s mystery in his eyes, but yet you can tell he knows he could have any girl he wanted.  He’s not my type but he’s hot as fuck, there’s no denying that.
“Damn it Emily, snap out of it! Ain’t gonna happen!” I say to myself.