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Embraced - The Life of Anna Part 3 by Marissa Honeycutt

Embraced (The Life of Anna #3)Embraced by Marissa Honeycutt

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Warning this series is not your mother’s sweet harlequin romance. This series is dark and gritty. It will test you and your ability to handle violence and cruelty at every turn. Some scenes might even make you want to throw up. Anna faces some extreme sexual situations as a sex slave in a subculture within a world we could never imagine. This story is Anna’s life it is all that she knows; some of her thinking may surprise you. What Anna thinks is normal could be shocking to us. Considering the hardships she has endured, she is a strong character that I truly enjoy reading repeatedly. Though this is an unconventional romance, the author promises an HEA at the end in book five, however it will be a long harsh road.
In this, the third book in The Life of Anna series by Marissa Honeycutt we find our heroine Anna once again facing unbelievable cruelty at the hands of Devin. He has achieved his goal of becoming Chairman and all seems to be going as he planned. Until Devin does something, so unforgivable that it pushes Anna to stand up and fight for herself. Alex is still working hard to figure out how to get Anna out of Devin’s clutches for good and back into his waiting loving arms.

Anna is happy for a period then her world is shattered once more and you wonder how much can this poor girl take. She is living a life she never really wanted because she never knew any better. Anna wonders why bother having fun, a life, friends, and lovers who care about her if it Devin will find a way to take it all away from her in an instant. Finally Alex and Anna are reunited and it is so sweet and so loving. My heart soared and flew out of my chest screaming for joy. Alex did it he finally got Anna to understand he loves her, she loves him, and they can work together and be happy. This couple deserved some happiness. However, I knew that happiness would be short lived because this is not a lighthearted romance. This is a tough, raw and dangerous story that will have you crying in happiness and then screaming in terror. It is filled with emotional pain as much as it is physical pain. I loved it, such deep story telling! I cannot say enough about this series; it is one that makes you think. One that makes you want to know more you need to know more, you cannot breathe without knowing what will happen next. Then the author throws you for a loop and puts in a twist that you will not expect. You scream NO! But you can’t stop reading because you’re addicted to Anna’s story.

I love a book that makes me mad at the evil and happy at the joy. To me that is the sign of a great writer when you can draw out such emotion just from words printed on a paper or e-reader.
I hold my breath once again waiting for book four and the continuing saga of the life of Anna.

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