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Rocked in Pieces ( Rocked #10) by Clara Bayard

Rocked in PiecesRocked in Pieces by Clara Bayard

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*received ARC from author in exchange for and honest review*

Rocked In Pieces (Rocked #10) by Clara Bayard

Note : Rocked in Pieces is the first in a set of three serialized novellas featuring Matthew and Ellie's romance. This set is part of a larger series featuring the members of Dream Defiled. It is not necessary to read other books in the series first, but you should. They are good, sexy fun.

Length: 20,000 words
Series: Rocked, #10

Ellie Martin is looking to make a name for herself in the journalism world. Her big break comes in the form of a new online network. She decides to take on the challenge of documenting one of the most popular and troubled rock groups on the rock scene Dream Defiled. Ellie is hoping she can win them all over with her charm and witty sense of humor. The band has faced some terrible hardships recently, so it will not be easy to get them to trust her. Especially since an article, she wrote helped to fuel rumors that the band was in danger of breaking up. Understandably, the band is a bit skittish when it comes to trusting her. Nevertheless, this curvy beauty is determined to show them she is not out to hurt them but help them.

This is the 10th book in the Rocked Series by Clara Bayard; you should read the previous books in order to understand the characters better but you do not have to I would though they are great books. Ellie draws you in from the start of this installment with her cute sense of humor and banter between her and her adopted brother who is also her camera operator. Ellie is just a regular girl, she has some curves which has her a bit self-conscious but she is confident in her ability to do her job. She jumps in feet first to try and sway the members of Dream Defiled to participate in the online network show she is working for, she hits some snags at first but then starts to get the guys to trust her, unfortunately that doesn't last long. Ellie does not expect to be attracted to the quietest member of the band Matthew. He recently almost died in a car accident and seems to have decided life is too short to waste time. He comes onto Ellie in a very sexy way. Ellie tries to keep things professional, but Matthew is making it very difficult. Just when she thinks, she can have some happiness her dream job and a hot guy she could get to know it all falls apart. These books are great and I enjoy every one of them, I have been waiting for Matthew’s story to come out. The author really did not hint too much about Matthew’s personality in the other books except that he was the shy one. Therefore, he was a complete mystery to us until now. So far, he might be the sexiest of them all. Looking forward to the next installment, this is definitely a fun, sexy read.

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