Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Affair - Week #1 by Beth Kery

The Affair: Week 1 - You've Tantalized Me (The Affair, #1)The Affair: Week 1 - You've Tantalized Me by Beth Kery

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Emma Shore is an innocent yet exceptional hospice nurse; she has secured a new position at The Breakers, the expansive mansion of a dangerously handsome racecar billionaire Michael Montrand. She is one of the nurses taking care of his terminally ill stepmother. When Emma first arrives, she does not meet the rumored cold-hearted billionaire right away. One night, Emma gets herself lost in the mansion, she finds herself playing an unwitting voyeur spying a sexual interlude that has her aroused as well as ashamed. Could this breathtakingly gorgeous and sexual man be Michael Montrand if not then who is he and why does she feel such electric sexual energy with this stranger.

She cannot get the scene she witnessed out of her mind losing sleep dreaming of hot sex and domination. When she finally meets Michael, he draws Emma to him immediately. Why does she dream of his hands on her body and his voice whispering to her in the darkness? Growing tired of playing it safe, she decides she wants to take a risk with the mysterious billionaire. Will she be able to hold on to her heart or will she lose herself in his fevered embrace. Will he let her into his life or will he push her away the guilt and self-deprecation he carries being too much of a burden.

This was a true Beth Kery tale of sexual tension, lust and desire that I have become familiar with. She is one of my favorite erotic romance writers and once again, she grabbed me from the moment I met Emma Shore. Beth Kery always manages to create characters that I cannot help but care about. The more I read Emma the more I wanted to know her; I felt the same way about Michael once he was brought into the story. He has so many secrets and scars that I cannot wait to explore with Emma. The first installment of this eight-part serial proves to be a great start and is sure to keep you holding your breath in anticipation.

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