Friday, September 5, 2014

Longing (Club Inferno #2) by Jamie Schmidt - ARC Review

Longing (Club Inferno, #2)Longing by Jamie K. Schmidt

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Longing (Club Inferno #2) by Jamie K. Schmidt
ARC received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
We met Anya in Heat when she became friends with Mallory, I liked her right away. Being plus size myself I could definitely relate to her insecurities. I found it interesting that her chosen perfection was modeling and acting when even going for plus size jobs your physical appearance is always critiqued. How she made her living required confidence but she didn’t have much in herself in real life. To me Clint came across the same way, he worked as a Dom and a stripper both requiring confidence yet when it came to his personal life he let his insecurities get in the way. These two people kept coming together two steps closer and three steps back. When they finally were on the same page it was magic. I thought they had great chemistry and I loved their banter. Their sex scenes were hot and steamy. I felt like I was taking the same journey as Anya learning about what she like in the BDSM lifestyle. Clint was showing her how to be a little submissive and have fun with sex and get to know her body. Anya was helping Clint realize he was more than just some ones boy toy. Anya’s nemesis Rita shows up as the mistress of her ex-boyfriend Cesare these two were a trip, they certainly deserve each other after what they tried to pull coming between Anya and Clint.
It was also fun to read about Nefertiti and Istavhan, I don’t know if they will get their own story but the surprise that shows up in their relationship was a dozy I would like to see how that plays out.
Colleen is her usually bossy self, but I noticed that Chase just might break her resolve from the small glimpse we got through Anya’s eyes when she sees them together. What might be going on with those two?
I love a good epilogue and this one was great, nice HEA for a really fun couple.
I am enjoying this series, I would like to get more stories from the people who live and love at Club Inferno. Keep them coming

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