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Two Bar Mitzvahs by Kat and Stone Bastion - Netgalley ARC review

Two Bar Mitzvahs (No Weddings, #3)Two Bar Mitzvahs by Kat Bastion

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In the third book in the No Wedding Series, we hear Cade Michaelson’s point of view again and I was utterly delighted. I loved reading his witty banter with his friends, his sister and Hannah. His charming ways drew me in every time he opened his mouth.

He continues to sweep Hannah and us off our feet as he attempts to have it all. Hannah and Cade are trying to make their way through their new relationship. At the same time Cade is trying to juggle two businesses and an ex-girlfriend from hell. Keeping secrets from Hannah in a misguided attempt to “protect her”. Cade has a few miss steps along the way. Can he show Hannah that their love is worth fighting for or will she run from him again. Will he convince her that she can trust him with her heart? Will Cade learn how to balance love and work without losing the person who means the most to him in the world?

The first two books we began to slowly know Cade and Hannah as individual people. In book one we learned about Cade’s relationship passed and how he was burned by love. In book two we learned from Hannah how her past relationship had scared her, losing her ability to trust men, to trust herself. It has been interesting to get into Cade and Hannah’s heads. I love how the authors have changed POV from book to book. I think it really has made a solid story, one that I want to know more about. There was a very slow buildup of sexual tension from the first two books; I got to say book three makes up for the rare sexual encounters in book one and two. The sex scenes in book three were scorching, hot, and steamy. Cade takes his alpha male persona and magnifies it by a thousand in the bedroom. While still allowing Hannah to grow and explore her sensual side.

“I meant what I said earlier, Hannah. It’s not about the sex for me. No matter how wild we get, or how much I tease, what we do sexually will always be about the deeper connection between us.”

The thing I love most about this series is that Hannah and Cade’s relationship is so real. They face problems that we all face in our relationships in real life. Trying to balance prosperous businesses and being able to stay successful in relationships. Being together is hard. Trusting someone with your heart is the scariest thing in the world. Cade and Hannah struggle with outside forces trying to break them. I was enthralled from chapter to chapter wondering where the authors would take this amazing couple. Truly a roller coaster ride of emotions that I would like to get on again and again. I laughed, I cried and sometimes I screamed in frustration when Cade messed up.

“Chase after me. Always fight for us, even when I can’t.” “Promise me.”

If you like a romance with real people who begin as great friends and build into a forever kind of love and passion for each other then you will love this series. Truly a fabulous read and I can’t wait to get my hands on the continuing story of this wonderful couple.

"We decide how happy we are even with real-life things happening around us that we can’t control. There will always be that. But no matter where we do or what happens, we’ll have us in the middle of it all”

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