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Fever (Club Inferno, #3) by Jamie K. Schmidt

Fever (Club Inferno, #3)Fever by Jamie K. Schmidt

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Fever (Club Inferno #3) by Jamie K. Schmidt
Colleen Bryant is a wealthy young widow who owns an exclusive fashion resort called Couture. This successful businesswoman has a secret club for the BDSM elite and there she is called Mistress. Lately she has found herself longing for more than the momentary thrill she gets from helping her clients achieve sexual bliss. The occasional temporary sex slave of her own are just not doing it for her anymore, something is missing in her life. She longs for the only man she ever loved to share in her world of kink. However, Chase Fairwood broke her heart years ago and she’s not sure she can trust him again. When he finds a way to insert himself into her both of her worlds he offers her his total submission, but will he trust her enough to truly give up control? Can he love her as she needs to be loved or will he only try to change her?
There has only ever been one woman for Chase and that has been Colleen. He messed up with her once before and lost her he refuses to lose her again. He will do whatever it takes no more games, no more lies or misunderstandings. He feels the hot chemistry between them and he knows she feels it too; they can be great together again. He is determined to win her heart, body and soul even if he has to submit to her completely to get her in his life and his bed forever and always.

My Review:

This is the third book in the Club Inferno series and it is the one that I most eagerly anticipated. At first, I was not connecting with Colleen and found her to be a bit chilly. But, I think that was the author's intention, she wasn’t supposed to be likable right away not until she showed her vulnerabilities. Those vulnerabilities came busting through when Chase pushed his way back into her life and her heart. There were some moments when I loved Chase and then others when I wanted to paddle his behind myself. I thought the BDSM scenes were mostly well written. A couple seemed a little cheesy because it was a little hard to believe Chase an ex-football player as a submissive. I think it began to work once I started getting that he was willing to give her control to please her because he loved her that much, and sometimes he was the one to take control. I wouldn’t consider their relationship a strict D/s relationship just that he didn’t mine taking the submissive role in the bedroom if it meant they could be together. Their chemistry was so strong for me that I felt it worked. I loved those public displays of affection. This couple had a lot of baggage ten years, separated, they had to get to know each other all over again and those moments were sweet, tender and sexy. By the end, I was rooting for this couple to get their happily ever after. It is a very good addition to this sensual erotic series, definitely recommend. You do not have to read the other books in the series to understand this one, but I recommend the whole series.


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He meets Dr. Leigh Matthews – who is the Director of Emergency medicine at the local hospital; fairly high ranking job for a blonde female – when he gets his ribs broken in an arrest. She agrees to go out with him after he remains persistent and because of how busy each is, their relationship seems to work. Their relationship comes in comfortable – she is not clingy and is able to accept that Lori disappears from view for weeks at a time.
The book goes back and forth between them – things get a little dicey when Lori gets close to taking down the drug cartel – lots of things happen (not all so nice) but love wins out in the end.