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ARC Review: Falling in Deeper by Shayla Black

Falling in Deeper (Wicked Lovers, #11)Falling in Deeper by Shayla Black

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A tragic past threatens to destroy a passionate future in this dangerously sexy new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Wicked for You.

Lily Taylor is running from a man who is set on destroying her. Years ago she witnessed her best friends horribly beaten, raped and killed by a monster. Since then Lily has been on her own trying to stay in the shadows. When she settles in Dallas she meets the men and women of Club Dominion they quickly become her family. But can Lily ever really trust anyone? Will her past catch up with her and threaten to take more of the people she cares about from her life? Should she put her life in the hands of a convicted felon with a violent past?

Stone Sutter is a desperate man, he made a deal with the FBI in order to get an early release from prison. All he has to do is convince a traumatized woman to testify against the man who brutally murdered her best friend right in front of her. Stone figured, seduce the sweet, shy Lily and get her to testify leaving him to walk free. But he didn’t know that behind Lily’s shy demeanor is a spit fire. Her bravery and loyalty to her friends draws him to her in a way no woman ever has. Stone wants Lily and he plans on keeping her.

I really enjoyed this book, I haven’t read all the books in the series but I was still able to follow along with this book without getting lost. The BDSM aspect was well written as I would expect from Shayla Black. The sex scenes where steamy and sexy keeping me glued to the page.

I loved Stone his love for Lily was undeniable and wanted to protect her and keep her safe. It took me a little getting used to Lily, I loved her bravery but sometimes her indecisiveness through me. But by 40% in I began to love her with Stone and realized they were a perfect match.

As Lily and Stone go into hiding alone together their attraction grows. Stone tries to take things slow with Lilly using her submissive tendencies to bring her out of herself. But as he does this he only falls deeper in love with her leaving him with a decision to make to choose love over freedom.
I hadn’t read one of the books from the Wicked Lovers series in a while I stopped at Ours to Love book seven for no particular reason. Reading this book has gotten my blood pumping to go back and read the installments I missed. Ms. Black draws us in this world and unconventional family that is the Club Dominion members and we love reading about them.


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Excerpt Reveal: Ruthless by Lexi Blake

 Blake Ruthless plain fb ad coming soon


The first in a sexy contemporary romance series featuring the Lawless siblings—from New York Times bestselling author Lexi Blake.

The Lawless siblings are bound by vengeance. Riley, Drew, Brandon, and Mia believe the CEO of StratCast orchestrated their parents’ murder twenty years ago to steal their father’s software program. And there’s only one way Riley can find some solid evidence...

Heir to the StratCast legacy, Ellie Stratton hires a new attorney to handle a delicate business matter—and she’s shocked by her attraction to him. Over the course of a few weeks, Riley becomes her lover, her friend, her everything. But when her life is threatened, Ellie discovers that Riley is more obsessed with settling an old score than in the love she thought they were building. And Riley must choose between a revenge he’s prepared for all his life and the woman he’s sure he can’t live without...

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“Smart, savvy, clever, and always entertaining. That’s true of Riley Lawless, the hero in Ruthless, and likewise for his creator, Lexi Blake. Both are way ahead of the pack.” ~ New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry

"I love Lexi Blake. Read Ruthless and see why.” ~ New York Times bestselling author Lee Child

With Ruthless, Lexi Blake has set up shop on the intersection of Suspenseful and Sexy, and I never want to leave. ~ Laurelin Paige, New York Times bestselling author

Ruthless is full of suspense, hot sex, and swoon worthy characters -- a must read!" ~ New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst
Blake Ruthless teaser 1

Riley’s mouth came down on hers again. She could feel his hunger, and his hands roamed over the curves of her hips and backside, rubbing himself against her. It fed her own. She’d never felt more wanted, needed by a man. He didn’t seem to simply want sex with someone. He seemed to need her—only her.

She wrapped her arms around him and held on, letting him lead.

His mouth moved down, kissing her jaw and ear. “Do you have any idea what I want to do to you?”

A little bit. She’d always been quiet during sex, preferring to con- centrate on the sensations, but she wanted to hear him. She wanted to know he was with her. “What do you want to do?”

She shivered with heat as his tongue ran along the shell of her ear and he nipped the lobe, a thrill shooting through her.

His voice was a low, sexy growl in her ear. “I think about stripping you down all the time.”

He turned her suddenly and her back was pressed to his front. She could feel the hard ridge of his erection against her backside. His arms wound around her, keeping her close.

“You want me naked?” She didn’t want to stop talking. She could see now that her other sexual encounters had been defined by the walls she’d put up. Though she’d had a partner, she’d been essentially alone in whatever pleasure she’d found. With her ex-husband she would turn off the lights, enjoy the ride, and then sleep in silence, their physicality the only true intimacy between them.

She didn’t want that with Riley.

His hands moved up, cupping her breasts through the thin mate- rial of her blouse and bra. The warmth of his mouth and lips moved on her neck. “I’ll have you naked. I’ll get rid of every single thing that comes between us. I’ll strip you and then touch every inch of your body. You might be the boss in the boardroom, but I intend to lead here. I intend to have you every way I can have a woman, Ellie. Once I’m inside you, I won’t want to leave.”

He was still giving her a way out. She wasn’t going to take it. “Yes, Riley. I won’t change my mind.”

His thumbs rasped over her nipples. “I’ll fucking hold you to that. I will.”

She had no idea why he sounded so resolute, but his hands were working the buttons of her blouse, dragging it out of the waistband of her skirt and peeling it back.

Cool air hit her skin. Her brain was foggy with lust. Her whole system had softened in a way it never had before. She felt hot, her muscles tight with need, but she let Riley take over. He slipped off her bra and then sighed against her skin as he cupped her breasts again.

“Fuck, that feels so good. These are beautiful, baby. Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted to get my hands on these?”

She leaned back against him, her head cradled by the strength of his chest. He was solid all over. His callused hands rubbed against her skin, the feeling of masculinity making her feel more feminine than she’d ever felt before.

His fingers rolled her nipples and for a moment, she couldn’t breathe.

“You’re going to give me everything I want, aren’t you, Ellie? You’re going to let me play with this body. You’re going to wrap your- self around me and let me have you like I’ve dreamed of. Without reservations, no thoughts of anything but how we can make each other feel.”

Forgetting everything else seemed like the best idea ever. She needed this. Needed to let go of everything and simply be. She hadn’t done it in years, maybe never.

But it felt right with Riley. It felt good and true.

“Yes. I don’t want to be anywhere but with you. Only you.”

His hand fumbled with the button on the back of her skirt and he cursed, finally managing to undo it. “Damn it. I’m not going to last once I get inside you. I’m going to be good for you, Ellie. I promise. I’ll make it so fucking good for you.”

She loved the growl he got in his voice when he was really aroused. And the way his hands shook. She wasn’t in this alone. He was with her, right beside her in his need. She helped him, shoving the skirt down and kicking off her shoes. When she was down to nothing but her undies, she turned in his arms.

She was a little too big, her breasts real. Unlike many women her age, she’d never lifted them or enlarged them. They sagged slightly and she was well aware that her hips were curvier than fashionable. Would he turn her away? Would he see she wasn’t as pretty as he’d thought?

He stared, his eyes going right to her breasts. “You’re so gorgeous, Ellie. Do you have any idea what I’ve gone through since that first day? I’ve never masturbated as much as I have in the last week.”

Yep, the man knew what to say to her. She was pretty sure she was glowing. “I’ve thought about you, too.”

“I want you to tell me all about that, but later, baby. Right now, I’m going to do what I’ve wanted to do since the moment I met you.”

NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Lexi Blake lives in North Texas with her husband, three kids, and the laziest rescue dog int eh world. She began writing at a young age, concentrating on plays and journalism. It wasn’t until she started writing romance and urban fantasy that she found the stories of her heart. She likes to find humor in the strangest places and believes in happy endings no matter how odd the couple, threesome, or foursome may seem.


Blog Tour: Sins and Scars - Sinners Book 1 Draconic Crimson MC by K. Renee

Sins and Scars Ebook
Cover Design: KLa Boutique
Cover Model: David Byers
Photographer: Wander Aguiar
Sins and Scars
I am not a good man.
I tried to stay away, but every time I pushed her away, she fell harder.
I took away her innocence and I don’t regret a damn thing.
She owns me. Mind. Body. Soul.
I never wanted to lose her, but I did. I’m a monster and she knows it. She’s seen the darkness in me and she ran as far as she could. I had plans to bring her back, but I saw the happiness written on her face. When threats surface, I bring her home where she belongs, kicking and screaming.
The sins I’ve committed leave scars on her body and soul. She hates me for what I’ve done and I don’t blame her. I’ve killed for her and I will kill again if need be.
The only thought that I fear is losing her forever. Losing her forever will be my downfall. Losing her temporarily drove me to the edge. I won’t let her go without a fight. She’s the light and I’m the dark. I’m the sins and she’s the scars.
I’ve ruined her.
I love her.
I would rather fall on my own knife than lose my only saving grace.
Sins and Scars Teaser 3
Sins and Scars Teaser 4
Sins and Scars Teaser 5
“Stavros.” Her hand cups my cheek and I close my eyes. “Please look at me.” Her voice is soft, and I take a few deep breathes before I open my eyes again. When I don’t look at her, she moves to stand in front of me and grabs my cheeks in both of her tiny hands. “Stavros.” She says with a little more force.

Blinking, I look down at her and see the concern written all over her face. Wrapping my arms around her small body, I see the fear in her eyes before she quickly masks it again. I don’t know why I do it, but I carry her to the bed, and lay us both down.

She doesn’t move from her position, and I’m glad. Having her warmth against me makes all the demons fade away. My head is on her chest, and I can’t help but run my fingers over the tattoo on the inside of her wrist. It’s the tattoo she got when I claimed her as my ol’ lady.

Her hands go to the back of my head and she runs her fingers through my hair. “Stavros, you’re scaring me.” Not moving from my position on her chest, I continue to take deep breaths. Her scent is calming me faster than anything else can. She didn’t know the monster I really was when we met, and she’s only seen it in very low doses a few times. She hated what I became the last week we were together, and she resented me for being the man she fell in love with.

“I never want to scare you.” I finally get the words out. I want her to still be the only one I go to when I need to be calmed down like this.

“What is wrong, Stav?” Her question is so simple, but so difficult.

“Romeo was talking about you. I can deal with him saying shit about me, but when it comes to you…” I trail off. I don’t want to freak her out any more than I already am. She deserves the truth, but I don’t want her to run because of it - again.

“What did he say?”

“That you weren’t strong enough for this life. Pretty much that I’m pussy whipped by you, and you’ve never been right for me.” She doesn’t say anything at first, but she does continue to run her fingers through my hair.

“What do you think?”

“I think that you are the strongest woman I know. You’ve dealt with a lot of my bullshit over the years, and you’re the only woman who can calm me.” She puts her hand over mine that is still tracing my name on her wrist.

“Yeah I have dealt with your bullshit and that was because I loved you. I would do it all again.” She looks down at me, and I can tell she didn’t mean to give me that tid bit of information. “I just… I just can’t know what you do to those people. What happens when your sins come to haunt us? What happens to me when something happens to you?”

K.Renee is from sunny, California. Creative by nature, she decided to put her imagination to paper. K. Renee is an avid reader. During the day she works in an office and at night she writes. These stories have been in her head for years and are finally coming out on paper.