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Guardian Angel (Angel's Halo MC, #3) by Terri Anne Browning

Guardian Angel (Angel's Halo MC, #3)Guardian Angel by Terri Anne Browning

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hawk Hannigan and Gracie Morgan met in an unconventional way. He saved her from being gang raped at a frat party. Since then she has shared his bed, albeit innocently and his home, but she doesn’t think she has his heart. Little does she know Hawk has already claimed Gracie as his own, too bad he hasn’t had the nerve to tell her yet. Hawk isn’t the guy who wears his heart on his sleeve or the guy who wants an old lady or a wife. He’s always had his fun with a woman and moved on. But ever since he set eyes on Gracie Morgan he knew he was done for. Now she wants to leave his protection be independent and take care of herself. Well, that’s not going to happen if he can help it. Can he convince Gracie that he’s the man to make her happy? Will Hawk be able to protect her when her tormentor comes back into their lives to wreak havoc leaving everyone fearing for their safety?

My Review:

So this is Gracie and Hawk’s story, I was anxious to get their story from book one. I like their story I wasn’t in love with it, and maybe I am thinking it's because I assumed they would get together from the previous two books. Some of it wasn’t so surprising. Gracie is a little timid and quiet in previous books so it was nice to see her show her claws and get a backbone. Hawk is all around hot bad boy biker guy, he tries to be all demanding and protective with Gracie, but in the end she owns his heart and he will do anything for her. Gracie and Hawk share their feelings early on in the book. Then the rest of the book follows them as they have some hot sex after he tenderly takes her virginity.

"Your kisses are dangerous, baby. Worse than Irish Whisky; it goes straight to my head and make me want to do crazy things."

In between we find out that Kevin Samson isn’t done with Gracie and the MC and is exacting his revenge proving to be a thorn in everyone’s side. I really like how Terri tells the stories in this series flowing all the stories together in each book. Though every book has its own main couple the rest of the characters show up in alternating POV’s allowing us to find out how those characters have progressed. How relationships have grown, like Bash and Raven becoming a family with his daughter Lexa and their baby on the way. Spider and Willa are back and their love is stronger than ever. Jet comes home setting up the next book for Jet and Flick can’t wait for that one. At times the book moved a little too fast, leaving some stories behind like secrets, are revealed but then nothing happens with them. My thoughts are that Terri is setting up to fill in the blanks in the next books which seems to be the pattern of this series different story line flows from book to book. The epilogue from Jet’s POV was fantastic making me want his story even more. As I always expect from a Terri Anne Browning book a very enjoyable, well written tale of love, family motorcycles and happily ever after.

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