Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lead - Stage Dive #3 - by Kylie Scott

The lead singer of Stage Dive, Jimmy – “ Jimmy Ferris as an illegal, dangerous, controlled substance.” So true! I love a good arrogant, troubled bad boy and Jimmy is all that and more. He is fighting his demon’s and thinks he needs to do it alone, until Lena walks into his life and turns it upside down.

Lena's - "Let people walk all over you and you got what you deserved." Lena is the woman that all heroines should be modeled after. She is a total kickass chick who seriously doesn’t take any garbage from anyone. I love Kylie’s heroines from Ev, to Anne and now Lena they are all real woman with real insecurities and worries. They love hard and absolutely, and they don’t let the men in their lives get away with anything.

I not so patiently waited for this installment of the Stage Dive Series sucking up any excerpts or teasers I found on Facebook, book blogs I could find like a woman starved for water in the desert. I knew it was going to be a roller coaster ride of emotions for me. I was not disappointed in the least. Jimmy makes me cry, scream and want to kick him and then force a hug on him. As mad as he made me and Lena lines like - “No one else has ever meant what you do to me. Please, just … just, come back with me and stay. For good.” Just warmed me all over. Every time Lena tries to leave Jimmy finds a way to make her stay.

 photo Lena.jpg
 photo Jimmy.jpg

The banter between these two was hilarious and sometimes heart wrenching, I could not get enough.

“Don’t make me kill you at this hour of the morning, Jimmy. It’s not civilized.”

“This’ll sting,” I said, liberally dousing the gauze. “Who knows how dirty her nails were. We need to clean it really well.” He wrinkled his nose at the smell. “Don’t pretend you’re not going to enjoy it.” “You wound me. As if I’d ever enjoy causing you mild pain or discomfort.” I couldn’t quite keep the smile off my face.

"I know all about addictions and wanting things that aren't good for you, Lena. End of the day, it's up to you to decide whether to take control and fight it or not."

Jimmy – “stopping looking at me weird!” – I chuckled every time he accused Lena of looking at him funny and died laughing when she denied it.

Oh and Mal – sweet lovable Mal getting to be with him again was heaven. I could not stop smiling at all his antics and laughed out loud.

Mal to Lena. - you’re so cute and cuddly. But what I especially love is how you’re giving me that go-fuck-yourself look from behind your foxy glasses.”
“Ah, I see,” said Mal, still buttoning up his jeans. “Interesting. I’m going to tell you what I told Killer at puppy training today when he tried to mount a teacup poodle he’d only just met. If she means something to you, you gotta do the woo, son. You can’t just be trying to stick it in.”

5 Emotional Stars !!! Love this book can’t wait for Ben’s story and to read about all our Stage Dive boys again. I will miss them.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Angel's Halo Entangled Book 2 by Terri Anne Browning

Entangled (Angel's Halo MC, #2)Entangled by Terri Anne Browning

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I LOVE SPIDER! anyone who knows me knows that is a tough thing for me to say because I hate and fear any spider that comes my way. I put off reading this booking because his name is Spider silly I know. But this fictional hottie is the exception to my phobia.

I wasn't a fan of Spider's when he was introduced in Angel's Halo because I thought he was trying to take Raven from Bash. By the end of that book we found out that he was broken because he lost the girl of his dreams who turned out to be Willa. Originally I was disappointed that we were getting Willa and Spider's story before Hawk and Gracie. I have had this book since release date and read others first not necessarily jumping it. What a dope I was! LOL.

From the first chapter I was hooked, I loved how Terri went back right away into the past so we could find out Willa and Spider "James" story and how they ended up together and then apart. The sparks flew with these characters from first sight.

I also like how the author switches POV's even with the secondary characters, since its a series I feel like that helps to keep the reader interested in the continuing stories.

Willa and Spider's story is one of love at first sight, heart break, misunderstanding and then finding the love that never went away.

It was a well written read, and I can't wait for the next book which I think is Hawk and Gracie and then Jet and Flick that one is going to be great. There are some surprises for all these couples in Entangled that only made me more excited to read the next installments.

Reasons to read:
Spider is more than he seems on the surface.
Willa is a tough cookie whose been through a lot of heartache but still manages to hold her head high.
All the other characters from the previous MC book are back and have their own stories to tell, including more from Raven and Bash.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

His to Claim #6 Perfect Rhythm by Opal Carew

Perfect Rhythm (His to Claim, #6)Perfect Rhythm by Opal Carew

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I wanted to know Melanie and Rafe(Storm)'s story from His to Posses.
They intrigued me right away. This series I was back and forth about a little. Some of the plot twists didn't mesh with me but I kept reading because I am an Opal Carew fan and I wanted to know how she would end Melanie and Storm's story. I also like how she threw in the brothers talking about their relationship and moving forward in a positive way as well as Travis and Storm mending their relationship. At times Melanie's negativity about a relationship with Storm because of her own insecurities tended to be annoying. There were times when I wanted to scream "oh my god talk to him!" But isn't that what happens when we love someone so completely we fear they don't love us in return and we doubt. In the end Storm proved his love for Melanie and I found this last installment a nice way to end the series. Glad I stuck with it. :)

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Friday, July 25, 2014

HIs to Claim #5 Breaking Storm

Breaking Storm (His to Claim, #5)Breaking Storm by Opal Carew

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This one was the best in the series.

Finally one that did not completely confuse me.

the sex scenes were hot hot and for me Travis redeemed himself as far as trying to steal Melanie away from Storm.

The cliffhanger was OMG moving on to the conclusion

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Naughty Bits - #4 The Highest Bidder - by Joey W. Hill

The Highest Bid (Naughty Bits, #4)The Highest Bid by Joey W. Hill

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First I want to say I absolutely love this whole series, from the first to the last installment I was enthralled in this story of loss, love and D/s relationship.

If you have never read a BDSM series/novel this is the one to start with, the way Ms. Hill writes her stories she takes us with the characters as they learn about each other and what they want in a D/s relationship. It’s about the emotional journey and not just about the sex, though that is written well its just more than that. What the partners get out of the D/s exchange is just beautiful to read.

I felt for Madison from the beginning, having sisters of my own and also knowing the pain of losing a loved one too soon.

Logan is the ultimate alpha male dominate and the perfect person to show Madison her submissive side and how to embrace it as well as learn to love again.

In this final installment of the series Joey W. Hill takes us on a sensual ride through Madison's fantasy that she had shared with Logan.

Logan spared no expense in giving Madison every bit of the fantasy she described to him as well as helping her to realize she could trust him. Trust that he wanted a life with her.

I don't want to give away too much about that because there are many emotional discoveries for Madison that really tore at my heart; you have to read to understand.

The title and the synopsis for this series do not do it justice; they are all so much more than what they seem. Just like Logan who constantly surprised me and Madison throughout each book. His overwhelming presence draws you in.

This is a truly well written BDSM story that was a pleasure to read. Once again Joey W. Hill did not disappoint. Highly recommend this series as well as Joey's other BDSM novels, she is truly the Queen of this genre as far as I am concerned.

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His to Claim, #4 - Wild Ones by Opal Carew

Wild Ones (His to Claim, #4)Wild Ones by Opal Carew

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I like this one, didn't love it.

I really love Melanie and Rafe (Storm) together. I get we need conflict in the story because no love story is without it. But I really don't like Travis, he is a jerk. When Melanie is around him and suddenly decides to kiss him or lust after him she gets on my nerves. I think Melanie needs to make up her mind. She also needs to stop being a hypocrite! She wants Storm to trust her yet when he's not around she keeps letting other men kiss her. How is that ok? If it was the other way around I am sure she would be fuming. Because of this part of the story and the fact that Storm wasn't present for most of it I almost put the book down. My love of Storm prevailed and I kept reading. Glad I did, this installment pushed story a long for me a little bit. Off the read the next one to see where Opal takes it now.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Tapout - Wayward Fighters Book Two by J.C. Valentine

Tapout (Wayward Fighters, #2)Tapout by J.C. Valentine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I loved Knockout. I could not wait for Tapout to see how J.C. Valentine ended the series for this couple.

The beginning of this book was a little slow for me. I didn't get the "can't put it down" stage until I was a little more than half way into the book.

Jami and Alyson were a great couple, their sex scenes were playful at times, loving and tender at times and hot as hell at times. I love a good alpha male hero and Jami was that in spades.

I liked how the author developed the relationship between these characters even though they knew each other as children they were slowly learning about each other as adults. It was nice to read the progression of the relationship. The fact that Alyson felt she couldn't be honest with Jami about her problems seemed to not mesh with me because for me Jami never gave her a reason to believe that he wouldn't be there for her. He always wanted to help and protect her. But I did like how that part of the story unraveled later it just took awhile to get there.

The background characters were a good addition, Don annoyed me sometimes I felt like his reason for not liking Alyson was a little silly. Alyson never did anything to Don personally he was just comparing her to other girls and his own life experiences and never gave her a chance. But in the end I thought the author did a good job resolving that conflict. When Jami needed Alyson most she was there helping him every step of the way and I think Don had no choice but to like her once she showed him she was in Jami's life to stay.

The side story of Spencer's issues gave the book some excitement that I felt it was missing in the beginning of the book. I would have like to see Jami and Spencer talk out their issues since they were like brothers, maybe a novella someday lol. I love an epilogue and this book had a great one.

All in all I enjoyed both books the first reads for me from J.C. Valentine, they definitely made me want to read more of her work.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rocked in Paradise - by Clara Bayard

Rocked in ParadiseRocked in Paradise by Clara Bayard

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rocked Series continues with hot sex scenes, angst and tragedy to keep you on the edge of your seat.

I really loved this fabulous addition to a great Rock Series.

I am a Clara Bayard fan.

I have read all her books and will continue to read them, I just love her stories.
She writes well and they are always entertaining and the characters fun to learn about.
I like this installment because I missed the guys and gals of Dream Defiled and could not wait to get my hands on it I was not disappointed. I like how we get everyone’s POV, she gave equal time to all of them so we were treated to what’s been going on with all our favored Rocked couples. There is a shock at the end that just had me crying and the way the guys come together in time of tragedy was heartwarming. I anxiously await the next installment which will be "Matthew and Ellie's" story. Great job Clara thanks :)

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Knockout by J.C. Valentine - My first book by this author and I really enjoyed it!

Knockout (Wayward Fighters, #1)Knockout by J.C. Valentine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was recently in the mood for a fighter romance and this one fit the bill perfectly.

Alyson Blake came from an violent home life, Jamison Weston was her protector until he gets arrested for beating up her abusive father. She never thought she would see him again fate brings them together and she finds that her childhood crush is now an adult love. Jamison is shocked to have Alyson back in his life he never thought he would have the chance to be around her again. He denies his attraction to her playing at as wanting to protect her but he doesn't want a serious relationship his career is number one priority. Alyson and Jamison develop a really solid friendship. She loves him but keeps that to herself for awhile. I really thought the way the author let us get to know the characters kept me interested in the book. It did drag a few times and there were a few holes like why does the coach dislike Alyson so much that was not really addressed fully. I assume a few reason. Also the background characters were good but not great. I am interested in Spencer's story and what he's up to I have a feeling but I think Liv is being kind of dumb putting up with this disappearing acts. The only negative about Ally I found was that she is very naive for someone who came from a violent family life she keeps thinking she can handle everything on her own and falls into a trap that puts her and the ones she loves in danger because she trusts a stranger. Considering her job and background I thought that was a bit silly of her. All in all I like the book and look forward to reading the next one. There is a cliffhanger it not a big powerful I have to grab the next book now cliffhanger though. I have Tapout and I plan on reading it shortly to see how the author gives this sweet couple an HEA.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

For You - The Burg Series Book #1 - Kristen Ashley

For You (The 'Burg, #1)For You by Kristen Ashley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ok ---- why I liked it but would have loved it if....

Even though this book was WAY longer than it needed to be, I really did enjoy the story. That's why I gave it 4 stars, because the story was entertaining. The characters of Feb and Colt I really liked and I wanted to see how they ended up. I also liked the supporting characters of their friends and family as well. I also liked the mystery though we find out who the killer is about halfway through the book I felt the story at that point could have started to move a little faster but unfortunately continued to drag at points. The author gets kind of wordy, repeating herself a bit. If the story didn't hook me I would have stopped reading. But it really did get my attention and I was way to curious about the outcome of everyone in The Burg to put it down. I also gave 4 stars instead of 3 because I really liked how the author ended it she gave us a really nice HEA for the hero/heroine. I understand book 2 of the series is better but I need a break from this series and will continue it another time.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Straddling the Line Play by Play Series #8 - by Jaci Burton

Straddling the Line (Play by Play, #8)Straddling the Line by Jaci Burton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jaci Burton has done it again!!!

I absolutely love this series.

Jaci has made me a sports fan with every one of these installments.

I love how each couple has their own unique story of how they got to their HEA. The common thread being sports. It's so much fun when the characters from the other books pop in for cameos and we get to see what they are up to.

I was so excited for release day on this one I dropped everything to read it and I was not disappointed.

Trevor Shay is a football and baseball player and he does both well. He hasn't really thought about having a girlfriend or wife in the future. His career is his life, and he holds a secret that he is terrified will get out and ruin the life he has so carefully put together. He had me from the beginning with his charming and charismatic ways. Trevor charms everyone he meets. He is just an all-around good guy that warms my heart. He decides to help his mentor’s daughter who needs help getting through her grief since her dad passed away. He comes up with a plan to give her the sports interview a lifetime. Little does he know he is setting himself up to fall for a girl he thought he knew. He quickly realizes there is so much more to her then he thought.

Haven Briscoe, lost her dad who was her best friend. She is having a really hard time dealing with the loss. In walks Trevor Shay to turn her life upside down. He offers her the chance to interview him, the dual sports superstar for the major sports network she works for. Haven had a major crush on Trevor back in college when she tutored him and she thinks she can put that aside and be professional. But she finds out fast that the attraction is still there and apparently now it’s mutual.

Trevor and Haven had such great chemistry. I really enjoyed reading their journey together. I really felt the emotion of Haven's loss of her dad, and how she was torn between going on with her life and feeling like she was betraying her dad's memory by being happy without him. I know the grief of losing a parent and I felt that Jaci Burton really portrayed that very well in this installment.

The sex scenes were hot and well written as I would expect from this author. I loved the introduction of a new group of sports hotties the Cassidy brothers and I can't wait to delve into their story.

Great job!!!! - Keep 'em coming Ms. Burton we love 'em.

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