Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Release Blitz: Nameless by Helen J. Barnes

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Addison is a typical teen, who worries only about the relatively insignificant things in life like; college, friends, boy bands and passing her driving test.

Little does Addy know, life is about to put her to the test when she becomes the object of an addiction, an infatuation and an obsession on a level she cannot begin to comprehend.

As the weather turns frosty and the icy season draws in Addison finds that, someone she assumed to be a relatively innocent secret admirer, is taking things to the next level and their thoughts are colder, darker and more sinister than the freezing winter nights.

But how do you stop a faceless, nameless stalker when even authorities can't find the culprit?

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“What the hell do we do?” Dad asks.
“I don’t know, Russ. Phone the police I should imagine.”
“And they’ll do what? They can’t put her under 24 hour observation.”
“Well no, they can’t, but they’ll have more access to phone records and stuff.”
“Jan, the twisted fucker was watching her out there just minutes ago! I don’t want her out of my sight until the bastard is gone.” Dad rages and I can’t help the tears that relentlessly keep on coming.
“We can’t do that ourselves, Russ, we have no choice but to call the police. Maybe they can track the number or find out what name the tickets were purchased in.” Mum screeches back and I want to stuff my fingers in my ears, their loud shouting grating at my severed nerves.
“Please, stop shouting,” I whimper, looking up with bloodshot eyes.
“Addy, you’ve just dropped this bomb on us and you expect us to quietly accept it?” Mum fumes and I wince.
This is all my fault. I understand it’s a shock to them but I feel so out of control right now and I can’t bear the noise. I’m on tenterhooks, as if expecting a bomb to go off any minute.
“Janet, that’s hardly fair. Don’t you think she has been through enough? She is petrified.”
“I know that, you think I can’t see that for myself?” Mum argues back and Dad huffs, leaving the room and slamming the door, making me flinch at the loud bang.

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Helen J. Barnes is the author of the DJ Series and has recently moved into Romantic Suspense with her novel, Nameless. When not supporting her husbands DJ career and home educating her 3 children, Helen enjoys reading and blogging. She has an addiction to chocolate, Tom Hardy, The Walking Dead and anything related to Titanic.

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