Sunday, July 13, 2014

Knockout by J.C. Valentine - My first book by this author and I really enjoyed it!

Knockout (Wayward Fighters, #1)Knockout by J.C. Valentine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was recently in the mood for a fighter romance and this one fit the bill perfectly.

Alyson Blake came from an violent home life, Jamison Weston was her protector until he gets arrested for beating up her abusive father. She never thought she would see him again fate brings them together and she finds that her childhood crush is now an adult love. Jamison is shocked to have Alyson back in his life he never thought he would have the chance to be around her again. He denies his attraction to her playing at as wanting to protect her but he doesn't want a serious relationship his career is number one priority. Alyson and Jamison develop a really solid friendship. She loves him but keeps that to herself for awhile. I really thought the way the author let us get to know the characters kept me interested in the book. It did drag a few times and there were a few holes like why does the coach dislike Alyson so much that was not really addressed fully. I assume a few reason. Also the background characters were good but not great. I am interested in Spencer's story and what he's up to I have a feeling but I think Liv is being kind of dumb putting up with this disappearing acts. The only negative about Ally I found was that she is very naive for someone who came from a violent family life she keeps thinking she can handle everything on her own and falls into a trap that puts her and the ones she loves in danger because she trusts a stranger. Considering her job and background I thought that was a bit silly of her. All in all I like the book and look forward to reading the next one. There is a cliffhanger it not a big powerful I have to grab the next book now cliffhanger though. I have Tapout and I plan on reading it shortly to see how the author gives this sweet couple an HEA.

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