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Worth the Risk ( The Mckinney Brothers #2) by Claudia Connor

Worth the Risk (The McKinney Brothers, #2)Worth the Risk by Claudia Connor

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Hannah Walker has a horrific past, a childhood trauma ruined any chance she thought she could have at a normal life. Raised by her very overprotective brothers, she wanted nothing more than to be her own independent person. But her trusting naïve nature cost her in the end. So now she lives a pretty quiet, reclusive life using horseback riding to help children with disabilities. No real social life to speak of except time spent with her brothers. She longs to be able to live a normal life of a twenty-something young woman but wouldn’t know where to start. Until one day a fateful meeting in a grocery store changes everything making her wonder if she can learn to take a risk.

"He hadn’t planned this, her. Hadn’t prepared. It was a risk. He was a risk. But she gripped his heart as sure as she gripped his body."

Stephen Mckinney is the ultimate millionaire playboy, after a horrible tragedy derailed his life he hit rock bottom. Jumping from woman to woman, never staying long enough to let them get attached. He was drinking to excess as he tried to drown his demons in sex and alcohol. He finally gets his life a bit on track, pouring himself into his business making million dollar real estate deals to mask his pain from the past. One day he runs into Hannah in a grocery store and he wants her. To his shock, she turns him down, this only intrigues him more. He becomes obsessed with earning her trust, but to what end he wonders? He’s not into relationships has no intention of falling in love again. Then why does he feel like if he loses her he won’t be able to go on? Can he risk his heart again or is it too much of a risk to take?

"All the strength and power of a savage fighter wrapped in a sophisticated package. That was Stephen."

This is book two in the McKinney Brothers’ series, but you don’t have to read book one to follow this story. This one was so good though that I had to read book one so I went and purchased it before I finished this book. I have to read Matt and Abby’s story. Stephen and Hannah were just wonderful. What a great couple, the romance was so sweet. The chemistry between these two characters just jumps off the page. He chases her and its magical once he catches her. They both come from big families so the family influence in their lives comes through right away. Hannah’s older brother Nick was especially interesting, jumping in to discourage Hannah of seeing Stephen. But our hot alpha male hero Stephen will have none of that, he wants to get to know Hannah and no one gets in the way of something he wants. Though frustrating for the characters at times I loved the closeness Hannah and Stephen share with their siblings.

Both of these people have had a terrible tragedy that threatened to break them each trying to survive in their own way. Little do they know they are destined to heal each others wounds. Hannah and Stephen are given a second chance. Both are afraid to let anyone close to trust anyone, risk their hearts to another. I really enjoyed this book I can’t say enough about it. My first book of Claudia Connor and certainly not my last. The whole story flowed nicely, following this couple as they bring light into each others darkness the more time they spend together. I was also fascinated by Hannah’s brothers and look forward to the author giving us their stories as well. Nick was so intense, his story will be a good one I am sure.

The whole book gave me a warm and fuzzy feel, really had me rooting for the characters to come together. The ending was perfect. I laughed, I cried, I would totally recommend this book for anyone who loves a great romance.

Received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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