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Damned (Four Horseman MC #4) by Cynthia Rayne - ARC Review

Damned (Four Horsemen MC #3) by Cynthia Rayne

Rose Weston was held prisoner by a madman. Forced into submission she endured horrible abuse at his hands. Some days wishing for her own death and others wishing for the strength to take his life. Her sister Daisy with her boyfriend Cowboy and his brothers from the Four Horsemen MC come to her rescue. All the big bad bikers scare Rose to death, but one of them Duke catches her attention in a way no man has ever had. He’s much older and much more experienced he wouldn’t want her, she’s damaged now no one will ever want her. But she knows he is watching her when he thinks she’s not looking, keeping her safe. Could he feel the attraction she feels or is she too damned to ever be loved?

 Duke has a lot of demons most of which he chooses to forget. Meeting Rose wasn’t something he counted on. He doesn’t care about the woman he gets what he needs from them and moves on they all know the score. But Rose is something special a temptation he finds hard to resist. She is so young, but she’s been through so much more than any woman should ever have to experience. He agrees to teach her some self-defense when the monster who held her captive threatens her again. He tries to tamp down his attraction to Rose. The last thing she needs is a man gawking at her, but when he finds out his feelings are returned and that Rose wants to experience a sexual relationship by her own decision, he jumps at the chance to be the man to show her that sex doesn’t have to equal pain. Can Duke help her get past the trauma she experienced? Can Rose show Duke he can trust her with his secrets? Or are they both too damaged and damned to their own living hell.

My Review:

I love how Cynthia has grown as a writer through each one of the books in this series. Sweet Perdition was great I enjoyed it. Following Ryker and Elizabeth and centering on Elizabeth’s abusive relationship. Hot as Hades focused on Daisy and Cowboy taking us on a journey with them as they learned to trust each other. Cowboy sharing his past with Daisy and the trauma of losing his wife and child. Damned was deeper and more emotional than both of the first two books. I loved it! Truly a gripping story of two people who experienced horrible tragedies in their lives. In finding each other they are able to get stronger and get passed the fears they carry.

Duke and Rose are a perfect match as a couple. He is almost twenty years her senior but Rose has been through way too much. She sees into his soul and understands him before he even shares his own traumatic childhood ordeal.

When they begin their sexual relationship I found the BDSM scenes to be well written and worked for the couple. Every time they participated in a scene they learned a little more about the other. Rose grew stronger with each chapter and each scene as she learns her own body’s reactions to pleasurable pain. I don’t like spoilers, so I won’t give anything away except to say Rose starts off as a victim scared of her own shadow and ends as a warrior for herself and the man she loves.

The characters from the previous books like Shep and Pretty Boy make an appearance and give us a glimpse into what we may expect from their stories. Pretty Boy is a little cray cray, but I like it will be interesting learning more about him. The next book is Eddie and Captain a little bit of an older couple I don’t usually read books with the female character in their fifties not because I don’t like them just never came across one that interested me. I am however looking forward to reading Eddie’s story she is a total trip love her spunk.

This series is gritty and dirty, its gets deep and emotional and each couple has their own unique story to tell. Very enjoyable read can’t wait for the next one.

Received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

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