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Emerged (The Life of Anna #5) by Marissa Honeycutt

Emerged (The Life of Anna #5)Emerged by Marissa Honeycutt

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Anna is free, finally free from the evil clutches of Devin Andersen. Thanks to her friends and Willem she is able to begin life anew in New York City. She is dancing and dating, just living. However, dreams of her beloved husband Alex still haunt her. Can Anna move on with her life and let Alex go? Or is there bond too strong to deny? Will she be able to hide from Devin forever, or will he find her and surely make her suffer for her disobedience?

My Review:

It is with a heavy heart that I review this last installment of The Life of Anna. I finished it a bit ago, but have sort of avoided doing my review because it saddens me to say goodbye to this amazing series.

In this final book, Anna has escaped Devin and is living a new life in New York City. Confusion still plagues Anna; she does not know how to live a normal life. Is she a slave? Is she an Elder Mistress? Or is she just a woman? As Anna struggles to acclimate herself to life without Devin’s control, we learn so many new things about her. Anna turns out to be much stronger than we could ever have thought possible. I love when she shows her angry side and we see it quite a few times, god help the person who gets in her way when she’s angry.

Marissa still gives us a dark tale at times, but this last book also ties up Anna’s relationships with the other characters. Like Willem and Kurt, Kurt acts like a jerk to Anna for most of the book and it pained me as much as her when he did. He is not acting like the Kurt we have grown to love, it turned out in the end there was a reason for it all. In the epilogue, Kurt gets his own happy ending, which was nice. Anna and Aaron come to an understanding about their friendship that was heartwarming. Anna makes new friends like Hugo, whom she has a relationship with but he is not her soulmate. I loved Stefanie, she starts not liking Anna but in the end, she becomes one of Anna’s fierce protectors.

Throughout the series, there were very difficult times for Anna but she persevered and managed to find her way in a messed up world. I was ecstatic when my beloved Alex came back; I thought the way Marissa brought him back was perfect. He later explained why he was gone of course; we all knew Devin was behind it. Once Alex returns Anna, has so many mixed emotions and who could blame her she thought he was dead. The fact that this man once so confident in himself and his abilities is reduced to an insecure mess was so sad to read yet necessary. He needed Anna to choose him because she wanted him not because he forced her to as her master. He loved her too much. To me that was the beauty of this love story. He was willing to let her go as much as he loved her if it meant she would be happy. That is love! No matter how much darkness, violence and gruesome moments were in this series for me in the end it was a love story between Anna and Alex. Soulmates who could not be kept apart through all the separations and bad circumstances that happened to them in the end it was their love that prevailed.

Though this installment was not as dark as the other’s it still had its moments. Alex gets his revenge on Devin in a big way, that scene you just have to read to believe. So good.
This series is not for everyone, some of it is very graphic as stated in the warning that comes with each book. For me none of the violence was gratuitous all of it was storyline driven leading up to a great happily ever after though a difficult one to get to. But as promised we got it, great job Marissa.

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