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Naked Desire - A Three Part Novella Series by Rhyme Devereux - Book Blitz & Review

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Naked Desire
Publication Date: November 4, 2014
Genres: Erotic, Novella, Serial

Naked Desire Part 1 Cover


Desire Comes in Second Chances ...

Cole Bradley never felt as if he belonged, which is literally the story of his childhood. But you would never know that from his arrogant attitude, and playboy charms. He can have any woman who crosses his path. Working as a VIP Companion gives him the freedom to come and go as he pleases. No commitment. No problem. Until he hooks up with an older, beautiful woman named Ren.

Ren McKnight has worked hard to get to where she is today as an art gallery owner and broker. When her husband left her for another woman, she decided to give up on love and put all her time and money into her business. Ren still yearns for a man's touch. But nothing permanent. Then enters Cole. Too sexy. Too young. Too desirable.

What starts out as a working relationship turns personal and very addictive. Cole will have Ren revealing her naked desires.

Note from author: This is part one of Naked Desire. Naked Desire is a three-part novella.

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Naked Desire, Part II

Naked Desire Part 2 Cover

Naked Desire
by: Rhyme Devereux
VIP Short Story #2
Publication Date: May 18, 2014
Genres: Erotic, Novella, Serial
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Naked Desire: Part Two. Cole and Ren's undeniable desire for one another continues...

Cole now knows the reason Ren left him seven years ago. It still doesn't change the way he feels for her. If anything, he wants more...

Ren fights her true feelings for Cole. Whenever they are together, her desire for him is hard to resist. But will Ren let one failed relationship keep her from a chance at true love?

The odds are against them; as they must first survive more secrets, and temptation ...

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Naked Desire, Part III

Naked Desire Part 3 Cover
Naked Desire
by: Rhyme Devereux
VIP Short Story #3
Publication Date: April 21, 2015
Genres: Erotic, Novella, Serial


Secrets are exposed. Cole and Ren's second chance, may be leading to irrevocable disaster...

If Ren decides to put her trust into the past, she may unknowingly lead Cole right into another woman's bed.

Lies, Betrayal, and Seduction. It might be time for Cole to move on. But will he let Ren go?

Note from Author: This is part three and the final book of Naked Desire. This book is intended for adult readers due to sexual content and mature language.

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Naked Desire – A Three Part Novella Series by Rhyme Devereux

Cole is a college student who grew up never feeling like he belonged.  When he was a kid, he lost his parents and a couple adopted him they gave him food and a roof over his head but not love or affection. Therefore, it’s not surprising that he falls for Ren his teacher, she turns out to be twenty-seven to his twenty. Cole and Ren build a hot and heavy romance until she cuts it off and breaks Cole’s heart.  Years later by a huge coincidence, they meet again and sparks fly immediately. Can Cole and Ren have a second chance at love? Will Ren’s insecurities about their age difference get in their way? Or will it be Ren’s ex-husband or one of Cole’s random bimbos stepping in to break them apart once again?

My Review:  3.5 Stars

As I read these three novella’s I flipped between a 3 star review and a four star review in my head. By the end of the last book, I settled on a 3.5 star review. Let me explain why.

I really liked the May / December romance aspect of the story. I thought Cole and Ren were great together. I loved reading about them whether they were talking or having sex the heat between them jumped off the page. Cole goes from a jerk who just sleeps around to a sexy as sin guy who wants nothing more than to convince the love of his life that they belong together.

What I didn’t like was that the characters were missing something for me. Maybe it was because the novellas were short; there wasn’t enough time to develop deeper characters. I found myself wanting to know Cole and Ren when they first met. The way the author told that background story of the characters was fantastic. If I had that story, first I think these novellas set years later would have been so much more thrilling for me. Maybe if it were written as a full novel, there would have been more time to give the characters more life. There are bunches of surprises and plot twists that will definitely keep your interest.

All the characters had such great potential to be these amazing full characters, but in a novella, there just isn’t enough time for that kind of character development. The author ties everything up nicely at the end and that’s why I went with the higher rating. She really did a great job writing an interesting story and again, my favorite was the older woman, younger man scenario.

These were the first books from Rhyme Devereux that I have read she certainly knows how to do a scorching sex scene the public ones were swoon worthy. I would definitely read her books again; I just would like her to show me more from the characters.  If you are looking for a good storyline with an older woman, young man romance, steamy sex, betrayal, lies and a little blackmail too, you will like these quick reads.


About Rhyme Devereux

Rhyme Devereux

Rhyme Devereux is an adult romance writer. She is married with children, and two dogs living in Pennsylvania. After turning ... a certain age, Rhyme realized that she's a late bloomer (and wears that label with pride). Her passion for reading transitioned into writing romance books to share with other readers.

When she's not writing or daydreaming about characters, and plot twists, you can find Rhyme being a housekeeper, tutor, chef, referee, loving mother, and wife. And if she has some spare time, you will catch her lying in bed wearing holey pajamas, while reading a good romance or mystery-thriller.

Thanks for wanting to get to know Rhyme better. But by far, her books are much more exciting.

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