Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Give and Take by Tigris Eden - Release Day Blast

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Stories from Beauville #1
Tigris Eden
Releasing May 19th, 2015

Compromise is a word Annabelle Macon knows well. Sacrifices at home, in college and with her career, have all given her the tools to be the person she is. Now it seems she must also make concessions for her long-time love, Jackson Storme.

Six months into their relationship, and he’s already making unrealistic demands. With distance putting that much more of a strain on their relationship, how are the two ever going to manage?

Old insecurities have a way of resurfacing, making Anna feel less than suitable for someone like Jackson. She’s worked hard to get to where she is now. Her life and her work are clashing, making matters worse. Bringing a whole new meaning to work/life balance. But Anna knows that with a little give and take everything will fall into place, regardless of the obstacles that may stand in her way.

“When are you coming home?”
Sweet tea and long, lazy days filled with intimacy and sex. It’s what Jackson’s voice makes me long for. Carefree days spent in his big bed making love and binge watching The Walking Dead, and Helix. Eating and making love well into the night until we’re so exhausted, our bodies fall into a deep sleep. Beautiful days turned into hot sweaty nights. Jackson’s made the past several months wonderful in a way I can’t explain.
“Baby, I’ll be back soon.” The longing clear in my voice as I respond.
His growl over the phone makes me shiver.
“Anna.” I can tell by his voice he’s frustrated. It drops lower. Strained.
My body is going into withdrawals and when the sound dips low, it’s more growl than anything else. My stomach pitches into free fall. My breath stutters and no matter how many times I tell myself I’m city-chic, I always give in to my southern sigh.
“One more week.” I whisper into the phone. My voice’s not strong enough to handle all that is Jackson and his crooning words.
“Promise me I’ll be dining on your sweet body by Sunday.”
It's exactly seven days from today.
“Sunday Jackson.”

“Good girl. I’ll expect a call tomorrow Anna.”

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One of Tigris’ fondest memories, was in the sixth grade,
when her teacher read her story, “The Case of The Missing Pepperoni”, out loud
to the class. It was then she decided she wanted to be a writer when she grew
up. But like all childhood dreams, reality has a way of crashing in and
disrupting plans. But her imagination and the voices inside her head never
stopped talking. Every dream she could remember was jotted down in her dream
When she’s not writing Tigris marvel’s at life’s gifts. She
likes to take pictures of beautiful things. She openly admits that what she may
find beautiful another person might not, and she’s perfectly okay with that.
She enjoys her music and doesn’t leave home without it. Long pillow
conversations with LL about nonsensical things, and hanging out with her boys,
when they deem her “cool enough.”

Tigris is a military brat who’s done her fair share of
travelling, thanks to her Army father. She’s married to the infamous LL and has
three boys. She currently resides in Houston and is actively seeking a
book-buddy for the end of the world.

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