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Sin (Devil's Den #3) by Violetta Rand - Virtual Tour

Devil’s Den # 3  
By: Violetta Rand  
Releasing May 12, 2015

Sin proves that passion goes beyond smoldering desire when hearts dance to their own special beat.

     Every woman at the Devil’s Den strip club has a story to tell, and Macey Taylor is no exception. Smart and self-reliant, she’s got a chip on her shoulder, a broken heart, and no patience for a sexy new manager with an Ivy League pedigree and a strict set of rules. Macey prefers to break rules, something she lets Joshua Camden know from the start—even as he ignites a fire in her that goes beyond the hottest club in town.

     Joshua is working the Devil’s Den for all it’s worth, learning everything he can about the adult-entertainment game before investing in a place of his own. Macey is a surprise: a woman as strong-willed as she is gorgeous. Joshua wants to get inside her world, to see through her eyes. But he soon discovers that seduction is a two-way street—and expecting redemption without risking his heart may be the greatest sin of all.

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     An involuntary rush of breath escapes me as I take in every glorious inch of his perfect physique. He’s devastating. And I’m not even sure Joshua Camden qualifies as a mortal anymore. There are guys like Wesley, and then there are fantasies—I’m staring at one now. Reality whooshes back into my paralyzed brain.

     Yeah, you’re too much for me to handle. And he knows it. “Unbelievable,” I say, covering my eyes, trying not to hyperventilate. Abstinence isn’t my thing, but after nearly nine weeks of going without sex, I have a hair trigger, and supermodel over there isn’t helping. “Meet me downstairs when you’re finished taking care of yourself.”

     His warm laughter follows me down the hallway as I seek sanctuary in my room. I slam the door, leaning against it like I just successfully outran some serial killer. Or at least a lady killa. Regaining my composure, I seek out a long lost friend that lives in my dresser drawer. I keep my tiny vibrator wrapped in a silk scarf. Half expecting the batteries to be dead because I haven’t used it in so long, I switch it on. The low hum makes me giggle. I turn it up a notch and laugh again. I walk to the side of my bed, seriously considering taking my need for orgasm into my own hands. I’m not into one-nighters, and there’s no way I’m calling Wesley and asking for a pity fuck.

     I turn around to sit on the bed and scream the second I see Joshua filling my doorway. Of course, my toy is still buzzing away on the medium setting. He takes one look at my face, then gapes at the vibrator. Oh good God. This is turning out to be one of the worst nights of my life. In fact, I can’t remember ever feeling so embarrassed and ashamed. Our gazes lock. His lips twitch as he takes a few steps forward, shutting the door behind him.

     “Why are you here?” I snap, forgetting where and what I am. Oh yeah—in my bedroom and horny and single. Then I remember the vibrator.

     But before I can move, he reaches his hand out. I’m not sound-minded at the moment; in fact, I think someone spiked my drinks downstairs and I’m hallucinating. “Give it to me.” My gaze darts nervously around the room. Just die, I think, it would be so much easier than facing him. He doesn’t ask again, but gently removes the toy from my grasp, turns it off, then places it on my bureau.

     “I got worried when I didn’t find you downstairs,” he says in a husky voice. “I even knocked—

     “Please,” I croak, wiping nervous tears from my eyes. “Go.” And never come back.

     “There’s nothing to be ashamed of, Ms. Taylor,” he whispers. “We can’t help who we’re attracted to. Nature always wins.”

     I can’t believe it. The truth is finally out: underneath that pristine Italian silk he wears is an arrogant bastard of the highest order. I stare at his broad chest, purposely avoiding his intense eyes. But it doesn’t help; I feel my temperature rise anyway, my legs tremble. I see the huge bulge between his legs. There’s not a chance in hell I’m going to be able to resist if he touches me.

Sin has passion, excitement, desire and a love story you won’t be able to resist. 

Sometimes love doesn’t always come in the package you expect. 

It takes just the right person to see past your walls and be able to break them down.

     Macey Taylor works at the Devil’s Den strip club, she likes her life and has no plans to change her path. She’s a smart, independent, tough chick, but even tough girls get their hearts broken. When Macey’s boyfriend breaks up with her and shatters her faith in relationships, she decides she’s done with men. Upon her return from her vacation, she finds things have changed at the Devils Den there’s a new boss with strict rules and an Ivy League degree. She doesn’t have the time or the patience for his employee handbook she would rather hit him over the head with it than read it. However, there’s something about Joshua Camden and his gorgeous face that has her feeling things she swore she would never feel again. 

     Joshua Camden is going to turn the Devil’s Den into the best strip club in Texas if it’s the last the thing does. He won’t let anyone stand in his way not his ex-fiancée’s cheating or the feisty dancer Macey Taylor, who is determined to get under his skin. She is nothing like any woman he has ever met before he finds her sarcastic wit and feisty demeanor refreshing. He also can’t help but notice she is sexy as hell he wants to get to know every delicious inch of her body and maybe her mind too. She surprises him at every turn, she makes him want to risk his heart again. Can he trust her not to break it?

     Sin is the third book in the Devil’s Den series and I thought it was one of the better ones. I was curious about Macey’s story from when we meet in her book one. She intrigued me with her sassy attitude and fierce loyalty to her friends. The story line has the instant love that the other two books had but that’s okay with me, it’s a fictional love story after all and a very good one at that. Macey’s childhood was not the best she lost her mother at a very young age and then abandoned by her father. The only thing he ever did for her, left her money from his gambling winnings as a professional card player. Daddy of the year he was not. Macey always had to look after herself and she did it well, on occasion letting her guard down like when she sort of feel for Wesley the cowboy who ends up breaking her heart.  

     When Macey meets up with Joshua Camden on her first day back at the Devil’s Den, sparks fly immediately. The chemistry between these two characters was off the charts sexy. He pursues her relentlessly no matter how much she tries to push him away. He wants to show her that he wants her for more than just a one-night stand he wants to give the long haul a shot. Joshua never thought he would feel this way again, but Macey brings it out in him. Thrown into the mix is Joshua’s neighbor and longtime family enemy Bishop. Bishop is attracted to Macey and tries to break them up at every turn I wasn’t too crazy about that part of the story. Suddenly Macey is indecisive about what she wants because of a little attention from a guy she barely knows. In the end he turns into a treasured friend and I realized why the author added him to the story. Just when it seems that Macey and Joshua could really make a go of it, Joshua’s ex-fiancée tries to win him back. There was a lot of the usual angst we read in our romance novels, but it was good, I cried I laughed I got mad. A story that really brings out the emotions in me always gets to me.

     I really enjoyed the banter between Macey and Joshua they really were a great match for each other. The sex scenes are well written and thought out, as were the scenes when Macey and Joshua laid their feelings out on the line. 
Overall, I thought it was a great addition to the series, I definitely recommend reading the other two books before reading this one so you can get a better understanding of Macey’s character. I will be looking forward to reading more from Violetta in the future. 


     Raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, Violetta Rand spent her childhood reading, writing, and playing soccer. After meeting her husband in New England, they moved to Alaska, where she studied environmental science and policy as an undergraduate before attending graduate school. Violetta then spent nearly a decade working as an environmental scientist, specializing in soil and water contamination and environmental assessments.
     Violetta still lives in Anchorage, Alaska and spends her days writing evocative New Adult romance and historical romance. When she’s not reading, writing, or editing, she enjoys time with her husband, pets, and friends. In her free time, she loves to hike, fish, and ride motorcycles and 4-wheelers.

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