Monday, June 15, 2015

Release Day Blitz and Review: Leather & Lace - Inferno Glory MC Book #1 by J.A. Fredericks

Title: Leather & Lace
Series: Inferno Glory MC #1
Author: J.A. Fredericks
 Release Date: June 15, 2015


*This is a serial. The installments are not novel length.*

The day Harley Sonnick is released from a three year prison sentence for a crime she didn’t willingly commit, she returns to the only family she has left—the Inferno Glory MC. But the club’s president isn’t ready to forgive her for past sins and turns her away, forcing her to trust in a new club member who’s arguably the sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on.

Colt Sawyer, a young military veteran like the other MC members, is elusive and doesn’t have much to do with the women throwing themselves at him until Harley comes riding into his life on her own motorcycle. Together with his best friend and fellow MC member Ranger, Colt will do everything in his power to remind Harley what it’s like to be pleasured by a man and make her feel at home despite the reluctance of the MC.

Things take an unexpected turn when Harley’s worldly possessions are ripped away, forcing her to rethink her future. But she isn’t a pathetic princess in need of saving and is reluctant to accept help. Prison made her hard, forcing her to guard her feelings at all costs. So, when dark, blue eyed Colt does inexplicable things to both her body and heart, she’s forced down a dark path of passion and desire that threatens all the safeguards she’s set in place.

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Author Bio

J.A. Fredericks is a contemporary and paranormal erotica author who adores sexy stories with ghosts, vampires, tattooed bikers, and anything hot that likes to bite. When not spending time on the back of her hubby’s Harley, she can be found at concerts, movies, bars, or anywhere excitement is found. Previously published several other YA paranormal novels, but ready to crank up the steam and going stealth mode under a pen name.

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My Review - 5 of 5 Stars

Harley has come home. It's her first day out of prison after serving three years for a crime she did not commit. While she was away her ex-friend the girl who had a hand in getting her sent to prison has gotten married and had a kid living happily ever after. But the worst part about being gone was that her beloved father died of cancer and she never got to say goodbye. When she's released Harley decides to go to seek solace from the only home and family, she has ever known the Inferno Glory MC.

Immediately she is turned away by her father's best friend and current club president, she is crushed and has no place to go. In walks her knight in leather armor, Colt the charming drop dead gorgeous biker who caught her eye the minute Harley saw his muscled arms peeking out from his tight T-shirt. She wants him, he wants her, should be easy right? You would think, but mutual attraction, turns into so much more in the blink of an eye.

Can Harley handle being with someone as intense as Colt? He is a mystery to her they only just met. So why is it that she can't resist the pull toward him whenever he is near? Colt wants to take care of her he's making her promises she's not sure she can believe or that she wants to hear. Besides, she can take care of herself, she's been doing it for a long time now. On the other hand, now more than ever with her own family looking to stab her in the back and send her back to prison Harley can use all the help she can get.

This is the first book in a serial by J.A. Fredericks. It is so well written, shorter books have to be because they need to pull you into the story in a short period of time and make you beg for more. Fredericks has succeeded with this book. I had been in a bit of a book slump lately. The books I have recently read are good, but nothing was giving me that I can't put it down feeling. I received this ARC in my Kindle today. The cover drew me and then the fact that it was a short read was appealing. Sometimes I am in the mood for something quick that packs a punch.

I have read one other book that showcases the female lead as an MC member and not just an old lady and I have to say if this is going to be an MC book trend I love it. We find out in the cliffhanger that Harley is headed for trouble both with love and with the danger of getting sent back to prison. Make no mistake she is by no means a damsel in distress. By halfway through the book she proves how brave she really is when confronted with two hot and huge bikers.  That was a fantastic steamy scene that had me fanning myself and I think I drooled a little. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next books. Colt has all the usual alpha male qualities I love in an MC romance hero. But there is something else about him that has drawn me to him I want to know his secrets and I am certain he has a few.

Remember this is a serial so each book will most likely be short and will have a cliffhanger of some kind. Don't buy it and then complain that it has a cliffhanger that's just silly. If you don't like serials don't read it. If you are a fan of MC romance books with hot, sexy, charming, big bad bikers that get your engine going and a feisty tough female lead definitely give this one a try.

*** Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review ***


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