Thursday, October 1, 2015

ARC Review: Stone - Big Girls & Bad Boys by D.H. Cameron

Stone - Big Girls & Bad BoysStone - Big Girls & Bad Boys by D. H. Cameron

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Stone - Big Girls & Bad Boys by D. H. Cameron

Maria is a young girl who was lost and alone in the world until she found her way into the Knight’s Motorcycle club. Fresh out of High School she meets up with Bobby who quickly sweeps her off her feet. He gives her the perfect opportunity to leave her abusive step dad and alcoholic mother behind. Maria thought she finally found a family in the Knights. Unfortunately, not all was how she expected, Bobby was a jerk but he was better then the alternative so Maria hung around. Not to mention she grew to love the leader of the Knights as a father and his young wife as a sister.

Stone joined the Knights one day and changed everything for the club and for Maria. A bearded bad boy he speaks his mind and wastes no time letting the full figured Maria know that he wants her for himself.
Even though Maria is with Bobby, she can’t help feeling an unexpected pull towards Stone. He has charm and he is nothing like any man she has ever met. He makes her feel desired and confident in her curves and in herself. However, can she start over with someone else, is she trading one bad boy for another? Somehow, Maria knows in her heart and soul that Stone is different.

D.H. Cameron is one of the authors on the top of my list of must-reads this book is no expectation.
Stone and Maria are a terrific couple they hit it off right from the start and you can feel the sparks fly. Stone is determined to make Maria his and he wastes no time doing just that. Maria has no self-confidence. Her boyfriend Bobby is a jerk who has done nothing but make her feel bad about herself. When Stone shows her a better way, she throws caution to the wind and gives Stone a chance to show her a completely new world. Stone and Maria fall fast, quick and hard for each other their chemistry is off the charts.

The story is a quick read but the author manages to pack in some great story, hot sex scenes and even a little bit of action. You will love Stone and his sexy bearded smirk.


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