Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Blog Tour: The First Last Boy by Sonya Weiss

Name of book: The First Last Boy
Name of book series: Southtown Brothers 
Number in series: this is the first in the series but can be a standalone

Book length is 76K words
Book formatted length: 232 pages

Release date: Oct. 20

Genre: New Adult


Sex was the plan. Falling in love wasn't.

Eighteen-year-old Montana "Tana" Shaw has a plan for her life and she follows it to the letter. That includes losing her virginity to her best friend, Ryan Collins before she leaves for college. He's wild, tattooed, and oh-so-tempting. She never meant to fall for him. But when Tana learns that Ryan's past is responsible for her family's heartache, she's not sure her heart or their relationship can survive.

Ryan Collins is the foster boy from the wrong side of the tracks. He's scarred, no good, and knows with a past like his that he shouldn't get involved with Tana even if the sparks are hot enough to drive him crazy. But when the past rears its ugly head, he'll become the guy he hates in order to save the girl he loves.

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