Sunday, November 15, 2015

ARC Review: If I Seem Dangerous by Rose Sawyer

Noah James’ past is full of abuse, drugs, and alcohol. He never had much of a chance at a real future. Not until he found his love of fighting in the ring when he was just a teenager looking for an outlet for his anger. Noah found the adrenaline rush of beating his opponent was just what he needed to clear the dark clouds in his mind. He never could have imagined that the darkness in his life would lead him to the light of his life— Caitlyn. She makes him believe he could have a future filled with happiness and love instead of disappointment and anger. When Noah’s dreams are shattered its Caitlyn’s love that pushes him to be a better man, he is determined to his demons at bay while he fights for the future he hopes he deserves.

This is my first book by Rose Sawyer and I have to say I really enjoyed Noah. He was a tough as nails alpha male but when he loved, he loved big. Caitlyn is his saving grace but he doesn’t believe he could ever be worthy of her love. Caitlyn’s own insecurities have her thinking Noah can have so much better than her. These two lost souls make each other whole and I loved how they declare their love for one another after a few years of friendship. At the same time the only negative I can say about the book is that I wish we got more of Noah and Caitlyn when they first met. The author tells us how it was love at first sight for both and they quickly became friends, Noah depending on Caitlyn as a calming influence. I would have like to read that buildup of the relationship a bit more. I think it would have made for an even better, stronger story, because the chemistry between this couple was explosive, the buildup would have been insane.

The story after they become a couple has them quickly separated because Noah has issues with his father that needs to be resolved. Noah thinks he has to do this alone but learns from Caitlyn and his motley crew of friends that he doesn’t need to face the devil on his own. This was an emotional journey for Noah that I was glad to be a part of with Caitlyn standing by his side.

There is a great HEA. I am a huge fan of epilogue’s this one did not disappoint.


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