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Blog Tour and ARC Review : Forbidden Temptations by Janine Infante Bosco

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Forbidden Temptations
Publication Date: November 10, 2015

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Synopsis: Anthony Bianci

Since I was a kid all I ever wanted to be was a gangster. I wanted to be feared, to be respected, and for everyone to know my name.

And then she came into my life.

I never planned on falling in love with the mob boss’ daughter. She was forbidden but somehow she became mine. She made me crave things I didn’t even know existed and made me forget about the things I thought I wanted. My quest for power faded away and was replaced by my undying love for her.

Until reality bit me in the ass and I was sent to prison for three years, doing time for a crime I didn’t commit.

Now I’m out and she is creating a life for herself, just like I always wanted for her. Only I’m not a part of that life. I won’t ruin her any more than I already have with my poisonous lifestyle.

No matter how tempted I am.

Adrianna Pastore

I wanted him from the very first time I laid eyes on him.
He was everything to me, my first love and probably my last.

Then my father ruined our perfect little life, and he walked away from me.
I tried to fight for him, for our love, but he pushed me away.
When the love you crave is beautiful, yet forbidden, you can’t help being tempted.

So I’ll fight for him. For us.
Even if I’m the only one fighting.

Book #2 in the Tempted Series (Can be read as a Standalone)

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     For as long as he remembered all Anthony Bianci ever wanted was to belong. He wanted to be a part of something that mattered. In his young mind, nothing would be more thrilling than working for the legendary mobsters in his Brooklyn neighborhood. By the time, Anthony was twenty years old he thought he was on his way up the ranks in the Pastore family. Then he came face to face with the one person who changed it all— the mobster’s daughter Adrianna Pastore. 

     She was off limits, too young for him, too innocent; he wasn’t good enough for her. Too bad, he couldn’t convince Adrianna to stay away, she was a persistent little thing, and that’s what he grew to love about her the most. Their young love burned hot and furious. Victor Pastore extinguished that love. His quest for revenge proved to be more important than his daughter’s happiness. 

     Anthony is sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. He loses the love of his life, the only family he ever wanted, all thanks to the man he thought he wanted to be just like. Has he lost too much? Is it too late for a second chance at a real life with the woman of his dreams? Can Adrianna’s undying love save him from himself?

     Anthony and Adrianna’s story drew me in from the first time I read about them in book one of the Tempted Series Illicit Temptations. Janine gives us small glimpses of the struggle these two lovers go through. I was excited to read their love story as it unfolds. I loved the past and present movement of the story as it goes back to how they first fell in love. How they lost it all in the blink of an eye and how they fight in the present to get it all back.

“Shut up,” I growl, taking her chin in my hand and forcing her to stare straight into my eyes. “You’ll always be mine even when you’re temporarily someone else’s.”

     Everything about Anthony screams alpha male, sexiness. I loved his dirty mouth and his tough guy attitude. He could be sensual with Adrianna, a loving brother to his sister and a respectful son with his mother. Though he played the self-confident mob enforcer, he was a damaged soul and only Adrianna’s love had the power to pull him back from the edge.

     Adrianna is a female character that you can relate too. She has endure so much heartbreak in her young life. Her fighting spirit never diminished in the face of incredible losses. She is determined to make Anthony realize he can be more than a criminal. Her strength was inspiring. 

“He stared at me for a moment before tightening his hold on both me and my baby, hanging on as if he’d never let go.”

     Janine’s storytelling is so authentic, her stories unique and engaging capturing you from the first words of the book.

“I had eight months and six days left of sleeping on this piece of shit bunk bed, in this piece of shit jail cell with an annoying little fuck for a cellmate. To say my life had turned to shit was an understatement.” 

      Anthony and Adrianna could easily be a couple in the real world. The realities of the obstacles they face to be together are overwhelming and emotional to say the least. The secondary characters have a life of their own as well. The friendship that builds between Jack Parrish and Anthony was fun to read I enjoyed their little “bromance”. 

     I am sure we can expect beautiful stories from a writer who has a knack for bringing real life into every word she writes.


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 “I don’t think I have to question your loyalty but it’s been brought to my attention you may be feeling a certain way … let’s say bitter.”

“Let’s get something straight Vic, I don’t fucking like you, I fucking despise you. I couldn’t give two fucks if you dropped dead tomorrow. In a perfect world, I am the man who takes your fucking life the same way you’ve taken mine. I took an oath and as much as it pains me to abide by that oath, you are right, I am loyal to the core. That’s not saying there aren’t days when I question my loyalty.  I think how easy it would be to put a bullet right between your eyes and end this nightmare once and for all, but then I think about your daughter,” I swallowed hard against the lump that had lodged its way in my throat. “I picture the way she’d look at me knowing I was the man who killed her father and that look is what stops me,” I blew out a breath. “Go home and kiss your daughter because she’s the only reason you’re still fucking breathing,” I paused, taking a good long look at him. “You took it all man, you took everything from me. My woman, my kid, my fucking soul,” I shook my head. “Like I said, do yourself a favor, and pray to God you never fucking hurt your daughter again, because so help me … I’ll put you in a box old man.” I raised an eyebrow at him wondering how he liked being on the receiving end of the same threat he once delivered to me. “Don’t doubt me Vic; I’m not afraid of being locked away. I’d be fucking happy to rot in a cell for the rest of my life knowing I actually did something to put me behind bars, especially if that something was ending your existence.”

“True to the core,” Victor mumbled. “Not a phony bone in your body boy; never has been,” he let out a breath. “Takes big balls to talk to a boss like that.”

“Takes big balls to sit in jail for a crime you didn’t commit too.”

“Fair enough,” he said, pushing out his chair before turning around to fix himself a drink. “You’ve spoken your peace, now it’s time you listen while I speak mine.” He handed me the drink he had poured himself and I accepted it, shooting it back.  I slammed the empty glass down on top of his desk, pulling out the chair in front of his desk and taking a seat. I lifted my legs, crossing them and resting them on top of his desk as I leaned back in the chair and waited for him to speak.

Vic took a seat on the edge of his desk, taking the first sip of his drink, mulling over his words.

“It was a good thing you were there for Adrianna and the baby,” he lifted his gaze from his drink and his eyes bore into mine. “She’s had a rough time.”

“No shit.” I said, angrily

“She’s a mother now, Anthony. She needs to keep her head clear, focus on her son, what I’m saying is she can’t afford to have history repeat itself.”

 “No, what you’re saying is you want me to stay the fuck away from her,” I pulled my legs off his desk, straightened my posture as I leaned into him. “I’m not you, Vic. I wouldn’t let the poison that’s become my life affect her, not anymore. I have no intentions of disrupting Adrianna’s life and as much as I hate that we agree on something, I agree with you I’m the last thing she or Luca need in their lives.”


Janine Infante Bosco

Janine Infante Bosco lives in New York City, she has always loved reading and writing. When she was thirteen, she began to write her own stories and her passion for writing took off as the years went on. At eighteen, she even wrote a full screenplay with dreams of one day becoming a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

Janine writes emotionally charged novels with an emphasis on family bonds, strong willed female characters, and alpha male men who will do anything for the women they love. She loves to interact with fans and fellow avid romance readers like herself.

She is proud of her success as an author and the friendships she's made in the book community but her greatest accomplishment to date would be her two sons Joseph and Paul.


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