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Book Blitz: Before Gold by Jae Jordon

Book Blitz: Before Gold

by Jae Jordan

Nov 23rd - Nov 30th

Before Gold: The Way We Were

Before Gold is a prequel to the Solid Gold series. Take a peek into the lives

of these two troubled teenagers, across their tragic beginnings into adulthood.

The journey you’re about to embark on provides insight into the complex

personalities of the main characters and the development of the strong

interdependence between them. Bill struggles with his feelings for Arden, who

tries very hard to make things difficult for him for his own personal needs.

Watch as Bill grapples with his emotions, and learns to deal with Arden's

trifling mischief making behavior.

William Young, a.k.a. Bill, meets runaway Arden Goodman at a bus shelter, while

doing his volunteer work providing food, blankets, and offering shelter to

runaway teens. A legacy handed down to him by his mentor and friend Jacob.

There is an instant connection between the teenagers and they soon became firm

friends. A bond, which appears unbreakable due to the strong, complex need they

have for each other.

As they mature their differences and similarities become more visible. Arden is

shrewd and manipulative, always watching for signs that his manipulative

techniques are working. Bill is subtle, caring and protective. Yet both men

have a dark side, as compelling as it is frightening. However, Bill shows

tremendous self-control and does the right thing as long as he has Arden to

guide. When he loses Arden, that self-control slips and he becomes


If you’ve read Lost Gold and Stolen Treasure, Before Gold is the foundation

these stories were built on. Each book of the series stands alone and

highlights different chapters in the young men's lives and the struggles they

faced together.

Other books in this series

Lost Gold Book 1

Stolen Treasure Book 2

Forever Gold Book 3 coming soon

Other books by this author

Being The Only Guy

Book 1 – It’s Impossible to Hide From Yourself

Book 2 – Love Comes From Unexpected Places

Book 3 – Love Hurts

Book 4 – Bringing Down The Veil

Book 5 – It's The Final Countdown

Although enjoyable on their own, these books are best read in sequence.

Warning: This book contains sensitive issue relating to these young men’s

past. As well as m/m action. Extremely detailed. Two men getting it on, talking

dirty and doing the horizontal mambo. Guy parts will touch. You’ve been warned.

Erotic storyteller and lover of life.

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