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ARC Review: The Escort by Laura Marie Altom

The Escort (Shamed, #3)The Escort by Laura Marie Altom

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Carol was in love with her dreamy boss for years. They had a playful affair but it was never serious for him as it was for her. He broke her heart when he met someone and to make matters worse Carol actually couldn’t hate her. Ella was a sweetheart and soon became the female friend that Carol never had growing up. That doesn’t mean her heart didn’t break a little bit more when she watch the man she thought she loved and the friend she didn’t know she needed declare their love for each other. In an effort to block it all out she proposition Nathan Black the bride’s best friend. Nathan is hurting too he has been in love with the bride since the moment he met her too bad she always thought of him as a brother. When Carol suggests they spend a few stolen moments together in a closed room during the reception to forget the hurt they are feeling, he jumps at the chance. What guy wouldn’t want to be with Carol, she’s beautiful, confident and any man would be lucky to call her his. If Nathan had something offer her he would claim her as his own. He doubts a classy woman like Carol would want to spend the rest of her life with a grocery store stock boy.

I liked this book much more than I thought I would, I had read the other books in the series and enjoyed them. I thought Nathan and Carol as a couple would be interesting and I wasn’t wrong.

Nathan and Carol get together for a hot one night stand during the reception of Liam and Ella from the previous books. They were both pining away for the bride and groom for a while so it only seem logical they would use each other to get over their heart break. Neither of them realized, they were actually perfect for each other. From the moment they look into each other eyes they both knew it was more than just sex. But they each have issues, Carol is not as confident as she pretends to be coming from her underprivileged background and having all the men in her life leave her, she is afraid of commitment thinking she is unlovable. Nathan has self-confidence issues because of his current job status at the local grocery story. He decides in order to make some quick money to take a job as an escort from a shady rich lady he meets at work. The story then evolves and Carol and Nathan eventually end up together and begin a relationship that is somewhat based on lies. I felt for both characters as Nathan tries to hold it all together when he realizes he can’t lose Carol.

I have to say for me this was the best book of the series, I am very glad I read it. I was impressed with how the author developed the characters. I thought they were both flawed and they realized they each loved the other flaws and all.


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