Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Last Night by Heather Kirchhoff

From Heather Kirchhoff:

I wrote The Last Night hoping to inspire someone to keep going, to never give up no matter what. It hurts being bullied, or losing someone. Sarah goes through a lot in my book. It tests her so much.

No one should have to go through being bullied, or losing someone they're close to without knowing why. They shouldn't question things that was stable.

The Last Night is emotional, that is very true. I felt like I needed to write Sarah's story. I wanted to show people that they're not alone.

Sometimes things happen within the same timeframe. It's like a line of dominoes. One thing happens, and then all of a sudden you're in a whirlwind. It's something you can't stop. The only choice you have is to go with it. Trust me that can be difficult to do, especially if you are just being dragged behind.

Random Facts:

Heather published The Last Night when she was seventeen.

It took Heather six months to finish the book.

Heather stopped writing for two weeks because she wasn’t ready to write a certain scene yet.

*The random facts doesn’t have to be used. I just thought it could be interesting for the readers.*


Heather Kirchhoff is the author of The Last Night, the Magic series, and Fading. She’s in twelve anthologies, with a few more coming out soon. Heather lives in a small town in Missouri where she works at a nursing home. She has a dog and four cats. She became a bookworm back in sixth grade when her teacher suggested the Phantom Stallion series by Terri Farley and instantly fell in love. Heather loves reading paranormal stories, plus some love ones here and there. Heather has been writing since she was thirteen. Writing is her passion--it helps her escape the world for awhile, as well as reading--she doesn't know what she'd do without it. When Heather isn't writing, she is reading, working, taking walks, taking pictures, or spending time with her best friend, animals, and family. Richelle Mead, Alyson Noel, and Stephenie Meyer inspired Heather to write.


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