Friday, April 15, 2016

ARC Review: Vince Charming by Ava Kendrick

Vince Charming (Bad Boy Sports Romance)Vince Charming by Ava Kendrick

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Vince Barton never sleeps with the same girl twice. He is certainly no one’s prince charming. Mia Summers needs a prince to marry in order to inherit her aunts company which holds the fate of her home town in its hands. Mia heads to the UK in search of an aristocrat to marry and help her to live happily ever after. Too bad she meets Vince Barton first an ex-fighter with a sexy British accent. He saves her from a mugging and sparks fly between these two immediately. Vince finds her attractive but Mia is on a mission to save her town and get the company out of the clutches of her cousins. No matter how charming and sexy Vince is he’s not what she needs. Or is he exactly what she needs?

I loved the friendship that built between these two characters right from the start. There was tremendous sexual tension happening but they both held back. When they finally gave into their desires it was explosive. This story surprised me at first I found it a little silly but the characters were so cute and so much fun I couldn’t help but be drawn into the story with them.

Vince was cocky and arrogant but his sexy sweet charm shined through when he was with Mia. Mia was innocent, sweet and kind and a little naïve but I believe it added to her charm. Mia and Vince learn some valuable lessons in this book—sometimes the risk is worth it.

This was my first book from Ava Kendrick I would definitely want to read more from here. She took me on a trip through a romantic fantasy and I wouldn’t mind going again.


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