Sunday, May 22, 2016

ARC Review: Quinn, Part II by J.C. Cliff

Quinn, Part II (Undaunted Men, #2)Quinn, Part II by J.C. Cliff

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Quinn and Lexi's story continues in the suspense filled drama of love, sex and uncontrollable emotions.

This book picks up where we left off in part one. Lexi ends up back at her father's house broken and alone after giving up Quinn to save him. She knows he feels hurt and betrayed but she had no choice if she wanted to keep him alive. Little did she know her efforts would mean nothing in the end. Lexi's ex keeps her against her will and drugs her into having sex with him so he can video tape it and prove to Quinn that she doesn't want him anymore. Unfortunately this works Quinn can't deny what he sees and this leaves both of them devastated.

Time passes, Lexi and Quinn move on with their lives a part or try to. Lexi hiding from the world as each day brings a new revelation about the lies shes been told her whole life.
Quinn goes back to his womanizing ways with his love them and leave them attitude.

Just when you think there is no hope for this couple everything takes a turn. Quinn goes from hating the Lexi he thought betrayed him to wanting her more then he ever had before. Especially when she show up at his door with a surprise he never expected.

This series was my first from this author and I really enjoy this installment. It was tough to read at time because of the turmoil it put my emotions in. I wanted to slap Lexi at times for her decisions and punch Quinn in the face for being a big old dope. But for when a book makes me happy, sad and even mad it just means that the writer is good because she made me care.

I was curious about the series that this book was spun off from Blyss I plan on checking that one out.


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