Sunday, March 12, 2017

ARC Review: Rule Breaker by Kat Bastion

Rule Breaker (Unbreakable, #2)Rule Breaker by Kat Bastion

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Leilani Kealoha is a woman who wants to escape the high expectations of her family and the prejudice she has grown up with. Losing her mother at a young age she missed having her mom around for the guidance a girl needs. She is constantly breaking the rules set by the Hawaiian men in her family determined to keep her on a pedestal. She wants fun, excitement, adventure and something bigger and greater than the life she is living. In walks an East Coast surfer that could be the answer to all her dreams. If she has the courage to let him in.

Mason Price has had enough of toeing the line for his socialite parents. He’s not the son they want and he never will be. Tired of playing the games his parents want him to play he sets out on his own quest to find himself. His journey leads him to the beautiful islands of Hawaii and the even more beautiful Leilani. A local girl with sass and grit that makes him want to put down roots. She is a challenge to him, she won’t fall at his feet and spill her secrets. She wants nothing from him like the other girls in his social circle back home looking to land a rich husband. She’s everything he can’t have but everything he wants to keep.

Mace and Lani’s story was a slow burn. Sweet and innocent their love bloomed over time. It was pure magic to read how this unlikely couple became each other’s salvation. It is not an easy road for the couple with the prejudices they face within both their families. But their love for each other prevails and they are on their way to a beautiful happily ever after. Truly a modern-day Romeo and Juliet you will love these characters. As always Kat and Stone Bastion do a wonder job making you want to know these endearing people. I definitely recommend.


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