Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Play Me Hot (Play Me #2) by Tracy Wolff

Play Me #2: Play Me HotPlay Me #2: Play Me Hot by Tracy Wolff

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Aria knew it was a bad idea to get sexually involved with her boss. But she just couldn’t resist the pull Sebastian Caine had on her from the moment she walked into his office to get what she thought would be her last paycheck. Instead, she embarks on a sensual journey of sexual discovery and a fast introduction into the world of BDSM. Sebastian knows that he needs to take things slow with Aria. To introduce her one-step at a time into his world and show her what it is like to give control and take control. He is trying desperately to control his own desires and emotions in order not to scare her away. He wants everything from her. However, is he willing to give everything in return?

Book two certainly earned its name of “HOT”, Sebastian and Aria sizzle off the page. I could not put this installment down. For me the first book moved a little slow and didn’t really tell me all that much, this second book drew me in from page one and kept me enthralled until the last page. Most of this installment was one long sexual encounter. Which was fantastic in getting to know each character and how they connected through their desires. It was well thought out and well written. Again, the author keeps with the switching POV format, which I absolutely love. Sebastian is the ultimate alpha male and I loved getting in his head and being pulled along with Aria on the sensual roller coaster he took her on.


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