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ARC Review: Criminal by Alex Abbot

CriminalCriminal by Alex Abbott

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Abigail had a crush on her stepbrother Kaiden from the moment they met he was always her hero and protector. When they were teens, Abigail thought they had a “moment” he actually looked like he was going to kiss her. Then it didn’t happen and the next thing she knew he was gone from her life. Over the years, they barely heard from him until their parents both die in a car accident. Abigail is left with her mother and stepfather’s debt that she had no idea they had and no money. Homeless and broke, she has no choice but to ask Kaiden to take her in temporarily. Abigail has to admit Kaiden is hotter than ever, but the life he leads of crime and bringing home random girls soon grows tired and irritating. She needs a job to make some quick money, Kaiden won’t be too happy with her choice but who is he to judge. He hasn’t been her savior in years she can take care of herself.

Kaiden knew Abigail was off limits she was his stepsister and nothing more. Besides, he wasn’t the kind of man she deserved. When his father and stepmother die suddenly in a car accident Abigail is thrown back into his life. He couldn’t just leave her alone. So now, he has to keep her safe from the people in his life that would do her harm if they knew how important she was to him. Therefore, he distances himself from her as if he doesn’t care while still trying to keep a watchful eye on the sweet innocent beauty. She is actually more dangerous to him than she will ever realize. He needs to protect her, especially from himself.

This book actually surprised me, I had recently read a few stepbrother erotic short stories that were just that erotic and short. So, I had grown to expect that from the genre. Criminal on the other hand was an emotional engrossing read. Don’t get me wrong, it was erotic, gritty and filled with a good helping of angst. I love the story and how it unfolded, Abigail has had a crush on Kaiden for years only to find out he returned her feelings but didn’t think they could work. People wouldn’t understand granted they were not blood related, but in the eyes of the people of their small town, they were brother and sister. Kaiden didn’t want to ruin Abigail’s life. However, fate had other plans when their parents die in a tragic car accident Abigail has nowhere else to go so these two lost souls are thrust into each other’s lives again.

There is action and a little bit of suspense that I always like in a romance book, especially when it works well with the story. The sex scenes were well thought out and well written, steam and sexy. There is also quite a bit of angst in this story as Kaiden and Abigail try to come to terms with their strong feelings for each other. Kaiden makes a decision for both Abigail and himself that leaves them both heartbroken. I cried for both of them as I read the last few chapters, tears of sadness and then tears of joy. This was the first book I have read from this author I will definitely look for more of Alex Abbott’s books.


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