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Review: Smolder - A Bad Blooded Rebel Novel by Mellie George

Smolder: A Bad Blooded Rebel Novel (Bad Blooded Rebel Series Book 4)Smolder: A Bad Blooded Rebel Novel by Mellie George

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Jude Miller has had tons of woman in and out of his bed, a successful music career and more money than he knew what to do with. When he decides to become roommates with Sadie Cavanaugh his best buddy’s sister he makes the decision to be celibate and cut all women out of his life. Two years go by and Jude has gotten very acquainted with his hand. He really doesn’t mind though because he would do anything for Sadie she has become his best friend and hurting her is not an option. Until he walks in on her coming out of the shower than things take a drastic turn in their lives.

"Our paths were meant to cross in every way...we both just had to let them collide."

Sadie Cavanaugh has loved Jude Miller from a far since she was a little girl. He always thought of her as a sister so in an effort to protect her heart she keeps her true feelings to herself. Even when they become roommates she manages to not let Jude in on how she really feels about him. It seems he is oblivious to her secret love for him even though others in their group see it written all over her face every time they are in the same room. Jude does however notice other guys looking at little Sadie like she is their last meal and he is not having it. When Sadie lets him walk in on her coming out of the shower to see where he will go with this opportunity everything changes for them.

"What would you call what we are doing?" he asked. "This is more than just sex. It almost feels like we're-" "Making love?" I blurted out before I could stop myself."

This is the 4th and last book in the Bad Blooded Rebel series and it is with a bit of sadness that I read it. I loved these characters all of them flawed and intriguing people. I am sad to see them go and I hope Mellie George will revisit them in later books. I knew I would love Jude and Sadie’s story and I was not wrong. I especially liked that Mellie did not wait too long to let them get together. It’s a rocky road for them as they both have obstacles to overcome. The sex between these two is immediately explosive and scorching. Jude is sexy and Sadie is a tough female character that I could see myself being friends with. Jude is a damaged soul who went through a lot in his childhood with an abusive mother, he feels unworthy of love. It doesn’t take Sadie long to realize she needs to show him how much he is loved by her and his band-mates.

"I never expected to fall in love with my best friend and I could kick my own ass for not letting it happen sooner."

They keep their love affair a secret from the band because Sadie is afraid of her brother Beau’s reaction and wants to ease him into the reality of their new found relationship. Jude starts off being okay with that but soon grows annoyed that she doesn’t want to share their news with the people they both call family. This becomes an issue for the couple that gets resolved when they least expect it. An unexpected event puts Sadie’s life in jeopardy and exposes their secret. Friendships and sibling relationships are tested. It was a pleasure to read this story this is really just a terrific group of friends who became a big unconventional family.

" Sadie, I know I've been having a hard time saying the words you want to hear and I hope you will keep being patient with me while I work this all out. All I know for now is that I need you, I crave you, I ache for you. I've been in the dark for so long and when I open my eyes to you it's like the lights were finally turned on."

Great rock and roll romance series I look forward to more from this author.

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